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USTA Florida Joins First Lady to Showcase 10 and Under Tennis at 'Let's Move!' Celebration

February 11, 2012 09:34 PM
Staff and volunteers from the United States Tennis Association-Florida Section today joined First Lady Michelle Obama at ESPN's Wide World of Sports, on the campus of Walt Disney World Resort, to introduce more than 500 local children to 10 and Under Tennis. The event served as the culmination of the First Lady's three-city tour, celebrating the second anniversary of her "Let's Move!" campaign. 

After kicking off the event with several Disney stars, Mrs. Obama joined James Blake on one of four 36-foot courts set up on the base path at Champions Stadium to volley with three local children.

"I'm proud to be here and to be affiliated with 'Let's Move!' It's a great campaign, especially in today's age, where electronic games are so prevalent," Blake said. "I am proud that Mrs. Obama is doing this and has asked me to be part of it twice now."

This is not the first time that Mrs. Obama has showcased tennis as an important part of an active, healthy lifestyle. Through a collaboration between USTA and "Let's Move," the First Lady also participated in a TV spot that ran during the US Open in September. She has also made several guest appearances on Walt Disney programs to promote a healthy diet and exercise. 

To see the Let's Move!/tennis TV spot go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-5NevflvbI&feature=player_embedded.

"Michelle Obama has supported USTA's efforts to bring tennis to a new generation of young people, and we are delighted that she chose to have 10 and Under Tennis be part of her celebration in Florida," said Doug Booth, executive director of USTA Florida. "What's most impressive is that she's not just standing up there and telling kids to get active, she's out there hitting balls, and showing them how fun tennis is.  It's incredible to watch her interact with these kids."

With the tag line, "It's a Whole New Ball Game," USTA is sending a message to kids and their parents that the old ways of teaching kids to play tennis on a full-size court is a thing of the past. 10 and Under Tennis uses smaller racquets, kid-sized courts, lower-bouncing balls, and fun activities, to help kids learn and grow with the game.

USTA Florida has worked for two years to introduce 10 and Under Tennis in schools, reaching tens of thousands of kids through physical education and after-school programs across the state. Additionally, through its Share the Love campaign, USTA Florida has given more than $350,000 in grants to provide equipment and re-line or convert full-size public and private courts to smaller, kid-friendly dimensions that support 10 and Under Tennis.

For more information on 10 and Under Tennis, and to find out how your child can get in the game, visit www.USTAFlorida.com.

For more information on "Let's Move!" go to www.LetsMove.gov.

For additional information, contact:
Laura Bowen
Director of Marketing & Membership
USTA Florida
(386) 671-8930






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