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USTA Florida Jr. State Closed

2009 USTA Florida Jr. State Closed --Get to Know Olivia Janowicz

Olivia Janowicz of Palm Bay, is playing in the G18s


What is your favorite website?



Which part of your game would you like to improve?

Focus during long matches


What is the biggest event that you missed to play a tennis tournament?

My birthday almost every year


Who’s your favorite comedy actor?

Zach Galifinakas


What do you have on your iPod?

A lot of indie bands


What’s the worst thing that could happen to you before a match?

Getting sick or injured


When did you last crack up laughing?

Yesterday at my brother


What’s your favorite film?

Garden State 


What is your favorite sport outside tennis?

Mini golf!


What is your favorite sports team?

At the moment, Orlando Magic


Who is your sports hero?

Kim Clijsters


What is your least favorite training exercise?

Speed training and plyometrics


What other Section would you like to beat the most at Zonals?

Southern California 




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