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USTA Florida Launches New Marketing DVDs

January 5, 2007 11:03 AM

In 2005, USTA Florida formed a Marketing Task Force to create a better public image of what USTA Florida is about.  The solution was to produce DVD videos of the organization’s premier events, programs and initiatives for mass production and online observation.  One year later, the goal is complete and USTA Florida has ten professionally produced DVDs outlining their major calendar-year events plus an organization overview.

Bob Pfaender, chair of the Marketing Task Force and USTA Florida board member, led the way for the organization and created a deal with tennis personality Dave Kozlowski, expressively nicknamed “The Koz”. 

A partnership with “The Koz” was important to USTA Florida because of his professionalism and knowledge of tennis.  He hosts “Inside Tennis with the Koz” on the Tennis Channel and is a past recipient of USTA’s “Broadcaster of the Year” in 2000.     

“One of our major marketing initiatives has been the compilation of this DVD library to showcase our major events, inform people about our volunteer opportunities and raise awareness of how we promote and develop tennis in Florida,” Bob said. 

“At the same time, we are in hopes that with a better understanding of what our USTA section does to grow the game, we can convince more people to join our programs as well as join our organization to help us continue our efforts in all of these categories.”

The programs showcased in the promotional DVDs are as follows:

  • Ralleyball After-School Program
  • Florida College Campus Championships
  • Membership Appreciation Day
  • Volunteer Training
  • USTA League Adult Sectionals
  • USTA League Senior Sectionals
  • Junior State Closed Singles
  • Junior Team Tennis Summer Sectionals
  • USTA School Tennis In-Service
  • Bobby Curtis Tennis on the Move
  • Organization Overview

The DVDs provide excellent tools for the organization to grow tennis in the state of Florida.  The videos are catchy, visually appealing and informative. 

Andy McFarland, associate executive director of USTA Florida, has made an enormous contribution to this project.  Bob said, “His pre-planning, direction of shooting, and assistance in editing the final versions of each DVD was highly instrumental in the success of these productions.”

Andy hopes that the promotional DVDs will be able to provide a better visual for those that do not know much about the organization, programs and events that USTA Florida organizes for tennis participants all over the state.

“These promotional DVDs and online videos will be a very useful resource for our staff & volunteers in the field that are promoting and developing tennis in their communities.  Being able to show our potential customers and future members what our organization is all about, is a huge key to us growing the game of tennis,” Andy said.
Check out the different programs online at the USTA Florida Info link: Videos.  You might be surprised to find yourself there!






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