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Angela Holliman: Tennis Month VOM

May 1, 2007 11:16 AM

USTA Florida recognizes Angela Holliman from Panama City as May’s Volunteer of the Month.  She exemplifies positive and selfless qualities as a USTA volunteer and is instrumental in promoting and developing tennis in Region 1.

Angela has been a County Representative in Bay County for three years and currently serves as Director of the Bay County Tennis Association.

Angela’s most recent success is bringing USTA League Tennis to Bay County’s “working adult”.

“The league is played on Saturdays which accommodates the average family of Bay County,” she said.  “Our home matches are played at a public facility, Oakland Terrace Park, through cooperation with their Leisure Service personnel.  This is a first for Bay County!”

Also soon to be a first in Bay County is Junior Varsity (JV) tennis at local high schools.

“This year, two of the four high schools of Bay County will have a JV team and play matches.  I will coordinate this project as a volunteer because these kids who did not make the team are great kids and love the game of tennis.”

Her hope is that kids don’t lose interest in the game of tennis just because they didn’t get picked by a coach to play on a team.  This is one reason why the USTA has created the Florida No-Cut High School Coach Initiative, which urges all coaches to implement a no-cut policy so all young tennis players have the opportunity to be part of a team.

Once JV tennis has proven to be successful in the high schools, Angels plans on going to the School Board to request funding and support for new JV teams in all the high schools.

Angela continues to dedicate her time and efforts to tennis because it is something an entire family can do together. 

“I love seeing all ages at the tennis courts, enjoying a healthy, fun game.  The support USTA Florida gives has made volunteering easy and fulfilling.”  

Thanks Angela for all your hard work as a USTA Florida volunteer.  Congratulations on your accomplishments and keep up the great work!






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