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USTA Florida Names Gina Field August Volunteer of the Month

August 1, 2007 09:14 AM

Gina Field, USTA Adult Women’s Local League Coordinator (LLC) for Tallahassee and USTA Country Rep for Leon County, has been named August Volunteer of the Month by USTA Florida.  She is going on her third year as a volunteer for USTA Florida and has established herself as of one of the best.

Always following tennis as a teenager, Gina started playing only 3-4 years ago.  After taking lessons with a local tennis pro in Tallahassee, she joined a USTA 2.5 beginner league team that immediately qualified for Regionals.  The following year (2005), Gina captained a 2.5 team that advanced to Nationals in Palm Springs, CA.

“My favorite tennis memory was when our team won Sectionals in Daytona, before we went to Nationals,” said Gina.  “I had a goal for our team to advance to Regionals, but I was dumbfounded when we won [Sectionals] because our entire team was basically made of first year players.”

Gina has an undeniable passion for beginner 2.5 players who are excited to get started in tennis because, as she explained, “I was there too.”  To help players find a USTA league team to play on, Gina established a “Free Agents List” which she circulates between captains of teams looking to pick up players.

“Through the “Free Agent List”, I have met a number of players who didn't really know about USTA leagues and other tennis related activities in the community,” she said.  “Now, most people are aware of the list and players are getting picked up by teams.”

Gina has recently gotten involved in running local tournaments for the Tallahassee Tennis Association.  She has used this opportunity to talk to players about joining the USTA and playing league tennis.

“I like to volunteer in tennis because I love people and organizing tennis.  It is a great way to combine my passions.”

Catching up with Gina, USTA Florida asked her a few more fill in the blank questions.

When I am not playing tennis I am…
Probably watching tennis.  I am a fanatic because it is such a big part of my life.

People who have influenced me most are…
Diane Marsh, Kelly Tucker and tennis players in the Tallahassee community as a whole.  Diane has put so much energy into tennis over the years and has inspired me to get involved as a leader in the tennis community.  Kelly is so enthusiastic and energized in every aspect of her work.  She has a true gift when working with kids in the community.

To me, tennis means…
Great friendships, a lot of fun and a healthy activity.  It is a huge part of my life and has given me travel opportunities throughout the state and country.

If I could play tennis with three people, they would be…
My boyfriend, Ricky Herring.  He is a much better player, very encouraging on the court, and we have a lot of fun.

My 3.0 doubles partner, Heidi Keating.  She is a great competitor and we have similar styles of play.

Julie Baker, my doubles partner I played with at Nationals.  Julie is in the FSU Hall of Fame for Softball (pitcher) and is just an awesome athlete.  She is so supportive and did a lot for my confidence in my game.






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