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April VOM – Terri Singer

April 3, 2008 04:26 PM
When the Bausch & Lomb Championships roll around ever year, at the beautiful Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Fla., USTA Florida knows exactly who will be there volunteering at the USTA Membership Booth.  It is Terri Singer of Jacksonville.  For the past 16 years, Terri has been part of the professional tournament and USTA Florida, encouraging people to join the USTA and chit chatting with members who love the sport just as much as she does.  She is an advocate of the game and model of survival, which is why USTA Florida honors Terri Singer as our 2008 April Volunteer of the Month.

“Terri has been a longtime and dedicated volunteer during the Bausch and Lomb Championships,” said Trina Singian, USTA Florida Marketing and Membership Coordinator.  “I really admire all of the wonderful things she has done for our organization for many years and I am happy that we are honoring such a special person.”

Terri’s little 5 foot plus frame is only a shell for her fighting spirit and contagious attitude.  In 1980, Terri was diagnosed with her first bout of cancer - breast cancer.  She opted for a right breast mastectomy, never underwent chemotherapy and healed remarkably from the disease.  Perfectly healthy until 2004, Terri was then diagnosed with a second form of cancer - stomach cancer.  Again, Terri opted for surgery and the doctors removed her entire stomach and put in a pouch as a replacement; no chemotherapy was ever done.  She explained that her positive attitude is a reflection of her supportive family and friends.

“The doctor told me that the reason why the cancer didn’t spread [past the stomach] was because the stomach muscles were so big,” she said.  “And that was because of playing tennis.”

Terri has been active her entire life by exercising and playing tennis.  She started playing tennis at San Jose Country Club in 1972, and loves the team aspect of the game.  She was a team captain and league coordinator in Jacksonville, and is assistant manager of the tennis shop at San Jose Country Club.  This year marks her second year back from playing tennis since the stomach cancer; she plays on a USTA Florida 4.5 super senior team from Jacksonville.

This year during the Bausch & Lomb Championships, Terri will be missed.  She and her husband Alan are taking a vacation to Texas in their camper. 

“We are staying for two and a half weeks, going to a motorcycle rally and then touring the Texas Hill County in our motorcycle,” she said. 

Past USTA Membership and Marketing Coordinator, Sherry Beckman, jumped at the opportunity to comment about Terri. 

“Terri has an endless amount of energy and an endless amount of smiles for everyone,” she said.   “She held me together through many Bausch and Lomb Championships, when I had very little left after traveling for so many consecutive weeks to the pro tournaments.  Yet, Terri had a magical way of lifting me up and making it a wonderful fun week.  I am thrilled that USTA Florida recognizes Terri as the volunteer of the month because all I can say is that for many, many years she was my volunteer of the month!”

More about Terri…

My earliest tennis memory was… Watching Billie Jean beat Bobby Riggs

If I could play tennis with three people, they would be… Andre Agassi, Fred Stolle and Jimmy Connors

When I am not playing tennis I am… Riding motorcycles overseas and working out.

People who have influenced me most are…  My Mother-in-Law

I like to volunteer in tennis because…  I love the game.






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