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Adam Ross - Tennis Month VOM

April 29, 2008 02:42 PM
  • Birthplace:  Nyack, New York
  • Family Members Include:  My beautiful and patient wife of 17 years, Robin and our 17 year young cat, Matisse
  • Favorite Movies:  I enjoy comedies ranging from classic Woody Allen movies to staples such as National Lampoon’s Vacation.  I also like inspirational movies such as Breaking Away and Rocky.  Honorable mention to two movies I find myself watching over and over again - Godfather I and Godfather II.  I also love classic TV shows such as The Honeymooners
  • Favorite Travel Spot:  Australia - The Aussie Open is great.  If you go, you have to sample the Greek food in Melbourne.  Try Tsindos – awesome restaurant and you may run into Marcos Baghdatis!
  • Favorite Tennis Stroke/Shot:  It is all about the serve and volley!

What can we say about our May Volunteer of the Month?  In short, Adam Ross encapsulates why we love our volunteers.  In his own words, “I get more out of volunteering for USTA Florida than USTA Florida could ever get from me.  It is a tremendous amount of fun - that is the bottom line.  Great people and a great organization, and tennis is the greatest sport in the world!  What more can you ask for?”  Adam, USTA Florida couldn’t ask much more from you, which is why we recognize your hard work during May - Tennis Month!

USTA life member Adam Ross was recently appointed by USTA Florida President, Celia Rehm, to the USTA Florida Board of Directors as a Regional Representative for Region 8, which covers Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.  As a Regional Representative, Adam works together with Community Coordinator staff and County Representatives in Region 8 to grow and develop tennis in the area. 

“I am proud to be a volunteer for USTA Florida and when I was told that I was being considered for a Board Member position, it was a great feeling,” said Adam.  “I want to be a part of promoting the greatest sport on the planet and any way that I can assist USTA Florida in that regard is fantastic.  I am really looking forward to serving on the Board and want to thank Celia Rehm, Doug Booth and the USTA Florida for their consideration.”

Adam has volunteered many times at the BMW Tennis Championship, the Delray Beach ITC and Sony Ericsson Open, helping Trina Singian, USTA Florida Marketing and Membership Coordinator, promote membership at the USTA Membership Booth.  Adam also lends his expertise to the League Council, which he has served on for over one year and to multiple USTA Kids’ Day events for the Andy Roddick Foundation and Fed Cup.

“Some of the most fun I have had so far has been at the USTA Membership Booth at the Delray Beach ITC and the Sony Ericsson with Trina Singian, Cathy Nordlund and Cheryl Rivera,” explained Adam.  “We meet a lot of interesting people and sometimes the same people day after day.  I am not sure how many luggage tags and chip clips one person can utilize, but it seems to me that a number of people are vying for that record!”

Adam’s passion for the sport rivals those of the biggest tennis fans, which can be seen in his large collection of autographs from professional players.  He is currently obtaining tennis players’ autographs for USTA Florida’s Silent Auction in December.

“I obtained a number of player autographs [at the 2008 Delray Beach ITC] on USTA Florida hats for the annual charity auction,” said Adam.  “I know that I will end up buying these signed hats to add to my ever growing tennis autograph collection.  Please do not mention this to my wife…”

Adam’s charm, wit and spunk has earned him the respect and adornment of USTA Florida staff and volunteers.  As a lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale, balancing time between work and volunteerism is sometimes a challenge, but one he welcomes with open arms.  Just read Adam’s answers to the questions below, and you will see why we named him our May Volunteer of the Month!

My earliest tennis memory was… I cannot say this is the earliest memory, but certainly one of the best I can recall was going with my father to the U.S. Open circa 1979-1980 just prior to the start of the tournament.  I met many players and got many autographs that I still have to this day.  I remember John McEnroe practicing with Peter Fleming and at one point Fleming smashed an overhead at McEnroe.  Mac caught the ball on his racquet face which he maneuvered like a lacrosse stick to make the catch.  I thought that was cool at 14 and I still think it is cool at 41. 

If I could play tennis with three people, they would be… I would like to play tennis with my mother because that would mean that she was still with us.  She really loved tennis - especially watching it in person or on TV with me and my father.  I still remember what a great time we all had watching the unforgettable 1980 McEnroe/Borg Wimbledon final on television. 

When I am not playing tennis I am… Enjoying life with my wife, my cat and the rest of my family and friends.  I also enjoy watching tennis, reading about tennis, discussing tennis, attending/volunteering at tennis events, collecting tennis autographs…you get the idea.  And since I will show this to my boss, I also love working around the clock. 






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