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Dede's Column - Signs and Cure of Senioritis

May 1, 2008 10:35 AM

By Dede Allen
May 2008


What if I get a bad case of “senioritis” - will it hurt my chances?


By now most of the seniors have heard about their acceptance status to college. School isn’t over just yet - most of you have another month or so and your last round of finals.

Those of you who have heard me speak, have heard me say, “The better your grades, the more opportunity you will have.”  Now isn’t the time to slack off.  Senioritis can start as early as September of your senior year or it can sneak up on you in the spring.  It is easy to catch, it can be very contagious, so be very careful as it is hard to cure once caught.  Look out for the following signs: 1) not wanting to study - the excuse is often “I’ve already been accepted to college, why should I waste my time?" 2) finding excuses to cut classes; 3) planning for the weekend and it’s only Monday, this may or may not take place in class - it is often referred to as excessive daydreaming; 4) dozing off in class because you are trying to catch up on the sleep you lost while partying.

Senioritis may cause a student great harm in the end. Read your acceptance letters very carefully. Until you have received your diploma and your school of choice has received your final transcript, you aren’t off the hook. You may find a sentence that states something similar to, “You’re acceptance to this university is contingent upon your final transcript.” They have the right to revoke your acceptance. Hint: keep studying - challenge yourself. In the end you will be much more prepared to start your new life in college.

On a more serious note, you’ve worked hard (hopefully) for 3 years on the academic side of things gearing up for college and now, you’re a senior!!  Incomplete preparation in high school can be a factor to possible academic problems in college. College is NOT high school; well, that’s pretty easy to figure out. You can avoid some of the pitfalls of your freshman year stepping up to the plate and testing your abilities.  Use this time to help strengthen your talents and work on your weaknesses.

Maintain a challenging schedule; take some college prep classes, AP classes, see if you are eligible for dual enrollment. Stay involved with your activities, sports and volunteer work. If you haven’t been involved you might want to find something to do, quickly. This will help keep you focused during your senior year. Colleges look at more than just your grades. The only real cure for senioritis is graduation.

Congrats on your upcoming graduation.

P.S. For those of you who are underclassman, you may want to take heed of this article in order to avoid the possibility of a very serious case of senioritisJ






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