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2009 US Open Series TV Schedule

July 21, 2009 07:00 AM
US Open TicketsThe Olympus US Open Series launched the week of July 20 at the Indianapolis Tennis Championships, with the Series providing a minimum of semifinals and finals coverage for U.S. tournaments through the climax of the US Open in September.

The six-week North American summer tennis season features 10 ATP World Tour and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour summer tournaments. In this its sixth year, the Olympus US Open Series has doubled television viewership and increased event attendance throughout the U.S.

More than 200 national television hours will be featured on ESPN2, CBS and Tennis Channel, highlighted by back-to-back men's and women's finals on Sundays on ESPN2, and select finals on CBS.

"I'm looking forward to my return to tournament tennis on the Olympus US Open Series this summer," said Kim Clijsters, who is playing Olympus US Open Series events in Cincinnati and Toronto after leaving the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour to give birth to her first child in February last year. "I've played some of my best tennis during the Series and think it is a great lead-up to the US Open for players and for fans."

Olympus US Open Series TV Schedule (all times EST):

Fri., July 24 -- ATP Indianapolis: 1-3pm (TC), 4-9pm (ESPN2)
Sat., July 25 -- ATP Indianapolis: 1:30-3:30pm (ESPN2), 4-6pm (TC)
Sun., July 26 -- ATP Indianapolis: 1-2:30pm (TC), 3-5pm (ESPN2)

Thurs., July 30 -- ATP Los Angeles: 5-7pm (TC), 10:30pm-12:30am (ESPN2)
Thurs., July 30 -- WTA Stanford: 3-5pm (ESPN2), 7-9pm (TC)
Fri., July 31 -- ATP Los Angeles: 3-7pm (TC), 11pm-1am (ESPN2), 12:30pm-2am (TC)
Fri., July 31 -- WTA Stanford: 7-11pm (TC)
Sat., Aug. 1 -- ATP Los Angeles: 4-6pm (TC), 11pm-1am (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 1 -- WTA Stanford: 3-5am (ESPN2), 7-9pm (TC), 9-11pm (ESPN2)
Sun., Aug. 2 -- ATP Los Angeles: 5-7pm (ESPN2), 8-9:30pm (TC)
Sun., Aug. 2 -- WTA Stanford: 3-5pm (ESPN2), 9:30-11pm (TC)

Fri., Aug. 7 -- ATP Washington: 12-2pm (ESPN2), 2:30-4:30pm (TC), 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Fri., Aug. 7 -- WTA Los Angeles: 5-7pm (TC), 11pm-3am (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 8 -- ATP Washington: 3-5pm (TC), 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 8 -- WTA Los Angeles: 5-7pm (TC), 10pm-12am (ESPN2)
Sun., Aug. 9 -- ATP Washington: 3-5pm (ESPN2), 8-9:30pm (TC)
Sun., Aug. 9 -- WTA Los Angeles: 5-7pm (ESPN2), 9:30-11pm (TC)

Thurs., Aug. 13 -- ATP Montreal: 1-3pm (ESPN2)
Thurs., Aug. 13 -- WTA Cincinnati: 5-9pm (TC)
Fri., Aug. 14 -- 1-5pm, 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Fri., Aug. 14 -- WTA Cincinnati: 5-7pm (ESPN2), 9pm-1am (TC)
Sat., Aug. 15 -- ATP Montreal: 7-11pm (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 15 -- WTA Cincinnati: 1-3pm (ESPN2), 11pm-1am (TC)
Sun., Aug. 16 -- ATP Montreal: 1:30-4pm (ESPN2)
Sun., Aug. 16 -- WTA Cincinnati: 4-6pm (ESPN2), 8-9:30pm (TC)

Thurs., Aug. 20 -- ATP Cincinnati: 12-4pm, 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Fri., Aug. 21 -- ATP Cincinnati: 12-4pm (ESPN2)
Fri., Aug. 21 -- WTA Toronto: 5-9pm (TC), 10:30pm-12:30am (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 22 -- ATP Cincinnati: 2-4pm, 10pm-12am (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 22 -- WTA Toronto: 4-6pm (ESPN2), 7-9pm (TC)
Sun., Aug. 23 -- ATP Cincinnati: 12:30-3pm (CBS)
Sun., Aug. 23 -- WTA Toronto: 3-5pm (ESPN2), 8-9:30pm (TC)

Thurs., Aug. 27 -- ATP/WTA New Haven: 1-5pm, 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Fri., Aug. 28 -- ATP/WTA New Haven: 12-4pm, 7-9pm (ESPN2)
Sat., Aug. 29 -- ATP/WTA New Haven: 1-3pm (CBS), 7-9pm (ESPN2)

Mon., Aug 31-Sun., Sept. 13 -- US Open (ESPN2, TC, CBS)

* schedule and times subject to change

For more info go to OlympusUSOpenSeries.com





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