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Florida Summer Jr. National/Zonal/Intersectional Team Round-up

August 10, 2009 07:00 AM

The USTA Florida Boys/Girls
Intersectional 16s squad

Florida's top juniors represented the state in team competitions in July and August across the country. The following are the participants representing USTA Florida and team competition results:

USTA Boys 18 National Team Championship
August 1-4, 2009
Atkins Tennis Center
Urbana, IL

Florida Players:
Gonzales Austin -- Miami
Raleigh Smith -- Miami
Christopher Jackman – Key Biscayne
Zachary Katz – Boca Raton
Alexander Teppert – Ponte Vedra Beach
Zach McCourt -- Sunrise
Spencer Lunghino – Ponte Vedra Beach

12s Zonals

Flight Results:
Florida d. Caribbean 9-0
Midwest d. Florida 8-1
Florida d. Missouri Valley 5-4
Eastern d. Florida 5-1

Coach: Nick Crowell

2009 USTA Girls 18 National Team Championship
August 4-7, 2009
Meridian Sports Club/Rolling Hills Club
Novato, CA

Florida Players:
Belaya, Maria -- Melbourne
Collins, Danielle -- St. Petersburg
Dubins, Brittany -- N. Miami Beach

12s Zonal Girls' Sportsmanship Award
winner Jacqueline Lazaro

Janowicz, Olivia -- Palm Bay
Jerjomina, Alina -- Ft. Lauderdale
Kasler, Jacqueline -- Gulf Breeze
Sabacinski, Julie -- Plantation

Flight Results:
Florida d. Middle States 6-3
Florida d. Missouri Valley 6-3
Florida d. Texas 5-4

Flight Playoff Results:
Southern Calif. d. Florida 5-4

* Texas wins title, Florida finishes fourth

Coach: Dave Balogh

USTA 16's Intersectionals
July 12-16, 2009
Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club

12s Zonal Boys' Sportsmanship Award
winner Steven Madonia

Shreveport, LA

Florida Players:
Betsarakis, Garrett -- St Petersburg
Brodsky, Shea -- Miami Beach
Dvorak, Emily -- St Petersburg
Krumholz, Zachary -- Palm Beach
Maynetto, Natalia -- Naples
Ransom, Miles -- Delray Beach
Robinson, Nicole -- West Palm Beach
Sabacinski, Kenneth -- Plantation

Flight Results:
Midwest d. Florida 7-2
Mid-Atlantic d. Florida 7-2
New England d. Florida 7-2

Playoff Flight Results:
Florida d. Caribbean 7-2
Florida d. Intermountain 6-3

Coach: Brandon Stokes

USTA 16's Zonals

12s Zonal

July 29-August 2, 2009
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

Florida Players:
Smith, Ryan -- Weston
Krumholz, Zachary -- Palm Beach
Lederman, Roy -- Golden Beach
Browne, Matthew -- Marco Island
Ransom, Miles -- Delray Beach
Gonzalez, Gustavo -- Weston
Colton, Courtney -- Davie
Robinson, Nicole -- West Palm Beach
Dailey, Caroline -- Sarasota

12s Zonal

Reynolds, Kealia -- Coral Springs
Brodsky, Shea -- Miami Beach
Brossard, Marisa -- Marathon
Wilkins, Macie -- Tallahassee

Flight Results:
Florida d. Southern-B 11-7
Florida d. Mid-Atlantic-A 11-7
Florida d. Southern-D 10-8
Florida d. Southern-F 10-8

Playoff Flight Results:
Southern-A d. Florida 10-8

* Finished 2nd in overall standings

Coach: Glenn Howe

USTA 14's Zonals
July 29-August 2, 2009
Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club
Virginia Beach, VA

12s Zonal

Florida Players:
O'Connor, Daniel -- Boca Raton
MacKenzie, Jeffrey -- Surfside
Nunez, Dylan -- Boca Raton
Crisovan, David -- Hallandale Beach
Pate, Devon Tyler -- Lake Alfred
Langmo, Christian -- Boca Raton
Kuhlman, Josie -- Ponte Vedra Beach
De Lasa, Alejandra -- Bradenton
Rostarchuk, Evgenia Francine -- Bradenton
Shishkina, Maria -- Bradenton
Macchiavello, Andrea -- Bradenton
Polk, Cristalei Abigayle -- Tallahassee

Flight Results:
Florida d. New England-B 15-1
Florida d. Northern-A 15-1
Florida d. Middle States-B 13-3

Playoff Flight Results:
Florida d. Middle States-A 14-4
Florida d. New England-A 15-3

* Finished 1st in standings

Coach: Bryon Gill

USTA 12's Zonals
July 29-August 2, 2009
Tyson Family Tennis Center
Knoxville, TN

Florida Players:
Colton, Chase -- Davie
Ambrozy, Adam -- South Pasadena
Madonia, Stephen Salvatore -- Lakeland
Del Corral, Alexander -- Doral
Makarome, Noah -- Wesley Chapel
Makarome, Star -- Wesley Chapel
Horn, Megan -- Boca Raton
Rodriguez, Gabrielle Christine -- Tampa
Moreno-Kaste, Daniella -- Wesley Chapel
Bush, Leah -- Weston
Lazaro, Jacqueline -- Largo
Gabay, Jake -- Clearwater

Flight Results:
Florida d. Southern-D 17-1
Florida d. Southern-B 11-7
Florida d. Southern-F 15-2
Florida d. Mid-Atlantic-B 15-2

Championship Flight Results:
Florida d. Mid-Atlantic-B 15-3

* Finished 1st in standings

Coach: Kevin Quay






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