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Family Affair at the 2009 USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles Chps.

September 23, 2009 07:00 PM

 USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles Chps.
organizers Ann Brown and Bobby Curtis

Doubles tennis takes center stage this weekend for the top Florida juniors with the USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles Championships 14,12,&10 divisions at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach, under the direction of Bobby Curtis, and the USTA Florida State Jr. Doubles Championships 18&16, held in Altamonte Springs at Sanlando Park, overseen by Tournament Director Brian Morrisey, both scheduled for Sept. 26-28, 2009.

The two-day event is unique among major junior tournaments, maintaining a fun and social atmosphere provided by USTA Florida staff, and even a non-ranking-points mixed doubles event. All matches are 8-game pro sets with a set tiebreaker at 8-games all. Players generally play 3-4 matches for doubles, and 2-3 additional if they elect to play the mixed.

Junior tennis is always a family affair, but the USTA Florida State Jr. Doubles Championships illustrates the point many times over. The two tournaments include an amazing 54 pairs of siblings participating in their respective events:

In the 14,12&10 age group tournament are siblings Brian and Russell Berdusco of Bradenton, Jan and Marijke Boers of Jacksonville, Grey and Harry Cacciatore of Gainesville, Elena and Gabriela Castello of Ponte Vedra Beach, Emma and Felix Corwin of Boca Raton, Sara and Williams Culbertson of Miami, Colter and Emma Decoste of Stuart, Clay and Quinn Fender of Village Of Golf, Jack and Lauren Filburn of Winter Park, Roxanne and Samantha Fine of Margate, Jacquelyn and Lauren Fitz-Randolph of Tampa, Mira and Paul Gladstone of Port Orange, Andrew and Michael Heller of Weston, Alexandria and Zoe Hitt of Princeton, Egan and Trevor Kattenberg of Satellite Beach, Alex and Tyler Kurtz of Parkland, Jason and Kandis Legall of Palm Coast, Noah and Star Makarome of Wesley Chapel, Maxine and Sydney Mella of Cocoa Beach, Mark and Nicole Mierloi of Port Orange, Jordan and Trey Nickerson of Wesley Chapel, Margeaux and Monica Phipps of Tampa, Michael and Scott Plutt of Weston, Cristalei and Macy Polk of Tallahassee, Adriana and Alessandra Reami of Miami, Diego and Esteban Recht of Weston, Jordi and Nikki Redelijk of Windermere, Miles and Nathaniel Saffran of Winter Park, Nicholas and Peter San Pedro of Orlando, Anna and Benjamin Sephton of Longwood, Dylan and Sydney Sleszynski of Tierra Verde, Jolene and Justin Vergauwen of Longwood, Logan and Zack Walker of Stuart, Terrance and Terrell Whitehurst of Tallahassee, Katherine and Kristin Wiley of Ft. Lauderdale, Christi and Gabrielle Woodson of Melbourne, and Henry and Meghan Zimmer of New Smyrna Beach.

In the 16&18 age group event are Drew and Sean Bacha of Port Orange, Siddhartha and Vamsee Chappidi of Bradenton, Nicole and Victoria Cleaves of Sarasota, Seth and Zachary Creel of Debary, Emily and Robert Dvorak of St. Petersburg, Jordan and Zachary Goldberg of Newberry, Kasey and Korey Love of Port Orange, Blair and Lantz Martin of Tampa, Elizabeth and Sarah Means of Wesley Chapel, Alexandra and Daniella Moreno-Kaste of Wesley Chapel, Bailey and Ragan Palmer of Port Orange, Clay and Jennifer Pfeifler of Gulf Breeze, Anila and Sree Rao of Merritt Island, Ivan and Juan Rey of Miami, Alexander and Austin Robles of Naples, Julie and Kenneth Sabacinski of Plantation, and Angela and Nicola Wellman of Spring Hill.

And that is not counting brothers/sisters that are playing the different 14,12&10 and 18&16 events.

Here are the division seeds set for the Saturday start:

Boys' 18 Doubles
1. Butz, Andrew/ Katz, Zachary
2. Alford, Michael/ Riggs, Danny
3. Mittag, Rafael/ Vallejo, Michael
4. Nigro, Ross/ Treyz, Beauregard
5. Gladstone, Matthew/ Gonzalez, German
6. Berry, Jason/ Janssen, Christopher
7. Robles, Alexander/ Springer, Dominic
8. Kogan, Lev/ Sloan, Andrew
Boys' 16 Doubles

1. Clark, Brett/ Watson, Gordon
2. Cotrone, Dominic/ Sabacinski, Kenneth
3. Hoffman, Kyle/ Robles, Austin
4. Jothishankar, Balaji/ Samardzic, Ognjen
5. De Bracamonte, Carlos/ Elizondo, Luis
6. Neuner, Will/ Nowak, John
7. Dubuque, Robert/ Watson, Stephen
8. Landau, Brett/ Perrigan, Christopher
Girls' 18 Doubles
1. Belaya, Maria/ Collins, Danielle
2. Sabacinski, Julie/ Sanon, Bianca
3. Grossklag, Amy/ Pfeifler, Jennifer
4. Li, Amber/ Martinez, Amelia
5. Mc Lean, Sarah/ Wiley, Laura
6. Kambourelis, Kelly/ Love, Korey
7. Chupa, Carolyn/ Dvorak, Emily
8. McGraw, Caitlin/ Sullivan, Kelly
Girls' 16 Doubles
1. Brodsky, Shea/ Maynetto, Natalia
2. Lederman, Taylor/ Pough, Cassie
3. Garcia, Michelle/ Navarro, Natalie
4. Babayan, Marie/ Martin, Blair
5. Andrews, Claire Mitchell/ Lowther, Amy
6. Durden, Olivia/ Wilkins, Macie
7. Ambrozy, Agatha/ Sikorski, Julia
8. Kuhlman, Josie/ Lindl, Brittany
Mixed 18 Doubles
1. Collins, Danielle/ Katz, Zachary
2. Butz, Andrew/ Novacek, Anika
3. Miles, Chad/ Sanon, Bianca
4. McGraw, Caitlin/ Vallejo, Michael
5. Sabacinski, Julie/ Sabacinski, Kenneth
6. Grossklag, Amy/ Robles, Alexander
7. Kogan, Lev/ Li, Amber
8. Pfeifler, Jennifer/ Watson, Gordon
9. Berg, Timmy/ Chupa, Carolyn
10. Chappidi, Vamsee/ Mandic, Gyanna
Mixed 16 Doubles
1. Maynetto, Natalia/ Robles, Austin
2. Clark, Brett/ Martin, Blair
3. Epstein, Maci/ Samardzic, Ognjen
4. Jothishankar, Balaji/ Laurente, Kelsey
5. Cotrone, Dominic/ Dvorak, Emily
6. Castro, Katherine/ Nowak, John
7. Hoffman, Kyle/ Yull, Abigail
8. Pough, Cassie/ Teran, Emilio
9. Landau, Brett/ Wilkins, Macie
10. Ambrozy, Agatha/ Murphy, Jackson

Boys' 14 Doubles
1. Whitehurst, Terrance/ Whitehurst, Terrell
2. Perez-Blanco, Chase/ Restrepo, Javier
3. Beltrame, Sebastian/ Lampman, Samuel
4. Arvon, Brice/ Crisovan, David
5. Nunez, Dylan/ Pate, Devon Tyler
6. Berman, Shaun/ Rybakov, Alex
7. Fender, Clay/ O'Connor, Daniel
8. Shelton, Simeon/ Slaton, Peter
Boys' 12 Doubles 
1. Pilones, Gabriel/ Plutt, Michael
2. Madonia, Stephen/ Samardzic, Nikola
3. Kierberg, Sami/ Plutt, Scott
4. Ambrozy, Adam/ Kumar, Ninan
5. Devine, Jake/ Opelka, Reilly
6. Burton, Chase/ Omsky, David
Boys' 10 Doubles
1. Fender, Quinn/ Skalet, Jordan
1. Guzhva, Alex/ Redelijk, Jordi
3. Benkaim, Russell/ Delasa, Juan
4. Mora, Antonio/ Sicorsky Brener, Uriel
Girls' 14 Doubles
1. Aranda, Alexis/ Legall, Kandis
2. O'Loughlin, Julia/ Ramos, Remi
3. Henderson, Caroline/ Wiley, Kristin
4. Stokes, Marnie/ Xu, Shilin
5. Polk, Cristalei/ Polk, Macy
6. Bensimon, Victoria/ Brewer, Shannon
Girls' 12 Doubles
1. Abbanat, Kellyn/ Bongart, Ashley
2. Horn, Megan/ Makarome, Star
3. Barco, Mckenzie/ Lee, Alexandra
4. Lazaro, Jacqueline/ Rodriguez, Gabrielle
5. Dreyfuss, Sarah/ Obolevitch, Danielle
6. Reami, Adriana/ Stewart, Katerina
7. Green, Eliza/ Switkes, Jaclyn
8. Castello, Gabriela/ Pujals, Alyssa
Girls' 10 Doubles
1. Anisimova, Amanda/ Ross, Maria
2. McGee, Hannah/ Phipps, Margeaux
Mixed 14 Doubles
1. Henderson, Caroline/ O'Connor, Daniel
2. Langmo, Christian/ O'Loughlin, Julia
3. Legall, Kandis/ Pate, Devon Tyler
4. Brewer, Shannon/ Lampman, Samuel
5. Crisovan, David/ Ramos, Remi
6. Perez-Blanco, Chase/ Trench, Valerie
7. Polk, Macy/ Whitehurst, Terrance
8. Keller, Amanda/ McCauley, Mitchell
9. Berman, Shaun/ Fields, Alexandra
10. Aranda, Alexis/ Reckmeyer, Jack Henry
Mixed 12 Doubles
1. Abbanat, Kellyn/ Plutt, Michael
2. Bongart, Ashley/ Samardzic, Nikola
3. Ambrozy, Adam/ Rodriguez, Gabrielle
4. Obolevitch, Danielle/ Plutt, Scott
5. Makarome, Noah/ Makarome, Star
6. Barco, Mckenzie/ Madonia, Stephen
7. Loeb, Robert/ Switkes, Jaclyn
8. Dreyfuss, Sarah/ Heller, Andrew
Mixed 10 Doubles
1. Benkaim, Russell/ Ross, Maria
2. Anisimova, Amanda/ Sverdlov, Mark
3. Fender, Quinn/ Sowell, Ava
4. Gladstone, Mira/ Guzhva, Alex






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