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Florida Juniors Win Final Georgia/Florida Jr. Team Tennis Challenge

October 5, 2009 07:00 PM

 A group of Florida JTT Challenge participants

USTA Florida juniors successfully defended their title on Oct. 3-4, 2009, at the Georgia/Florida Jr. Team Tennis Challenge, held at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

USTA Florida racked up 1,720 points to USTA Georgia's 1,188.

"I loved how the Florida teams who were rooting against each other at the Summer Championships were now cheering for each other to win," said USTA Florida Team Tennis Coordinator Michelle Willis. "This was the 12th year for this rivalry, and the final year. It will be missed by many. Mary Davis and Karen Zuidema from Georgia, who have come each year, were fantastic. We had a great time working together while fueling our border rivalry. I was thrilled that Andy McFarland could help work the event since this was the last one. Andy is responsible for starting this event 12 years ago. Diana and Howard Gardner came out Sunday to help put out matches. They have such a great energy are a joy to work with."

The Georgia/Florida Jr. Team Tennis Challenge was founded in 1998 by the late Janet Louer of USTA Georgia and McFarland. USTA Florida has since expanded Jr. Team Tennis to three sectional events, not including a Southern region sectional and the JTT Nationals, all of which the section will focus on.

"The Georgia/Florida Challenge has been a successful event for the past 12 years that began when Janet Louer and I thought it would be a creative and exciting way for Jr. Team Tennis teams to continue playing beyond the summer months and into the fall," McFarland said. "Now that USTA Florida offers three JTT Sectional Championships per year, and USTA offers JTT Nationals, the Georgia/Florida Challenge has served its purpose and Florida is going out on a high note winning the last few Challenges from Georgia. I am very proud of the path that this event took the last 12 years and I know Janet would be as well."

Sportsmanship awards for Florida went to Cailynn Madsen of the Treasure Bay 14s, and Christopher Nacea of the Sanlando Acers 14's.
Here are the individual draw results from the 2009 Georgia/Florida Jr. Team Tennis Challenge:

Draw 1 -- 12 & under: Florida 291, Georgia 190

Draw 2 -- 12 & under: Georgia 248, Florida 240

Draw 3 -- 14 & under: Florida 294, Georgia 210

Draw 4 -- 14 & under: Florida 324, Georgia 134

Draw 5 -- 18 & under: Florida 286, Georgia 195

Draw 6 -- 18 & under: Florida 285, Georgia 211






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