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Tennis Teams from 18 Florida Cities at USTA Combo Doubles Chps.

January 6, 2010 06:00 PM
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Jan. 7, 2010 -- Tennis teams representing 18 cities/counties that advanced to the state championships will compete this weekend at the 2009 USTA Florida Combo Doubles Adult 6.5 & 7.5 Championships, Jan. 8-10, 2010, at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach, Fla.

USTA Combo Doubles is one of the fastest-growing leagues across the country. How does Combo Doubles work?

USTA Combo Doubles combines two different NTRP levels on the same court, with the combined NTRP of both players determining the league division. For example, in the 6.5 league, a 3.0 3.5 make up one team. There are three doubles courts to a team match, and the NTRP combinations between a pair of doubles players cannot exceed a 0.5 differential. Leagues are divided by 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5 divisions.
Cities/counties represented at this year's USTA Florida Combo Adult 6.5 & 7.5 Championships are Pensacola (4 teams), Tallahassee (4), Gainesville/Lake City (4), Ocala (4), Polk (4), St. Pete/Clearwater (4), Sarasota (4), Lee/Charlotte (4), Naples (4), Jacksonville (3),  Tampa (3), Orlando (3), Treasure Coast (3), North Palm Beach (3), South Miami/Dade (3), Broward (2), Brevard (2) and North Miami/Dade (1).

The following are the cities/counties competing Jan. 8-10, 2010, in Daytona Beach (captains in parenthesis):

Men 6.5 Division -- Pensacola (Michael Patrick), Tallahassee (Camden Whitlock), Jacksonville (Chris Payton), Gainesville/Lake City (Russ Waters), Ocala (Robert Russett), Polk (Daniel Cribb), St. Pete/Clearwater (Kevin Fantauzzo), Sarasota (Matt Kluding), Lee/Charlotte (Kevin Bouffard), and Naples (Randie Fischel).

Men 7.5 Division -- Pensacola (Donald Russell), Tallahassee (Travis Sykes), Gainesville/Lake City (Russ Waters), Jacksonville (Dana Leonard), Ocala (Eric Abel), Polk (James Whitaker), St. Pete/Clearwater (Sten Tallarida), Tampa (Jay Bortner), Orlando (Terry Montville), Sarasota (Jeff Bucarion), Treasure Coast (Miguel Rubio), North Palm Beach (Joseph Williams), Naples (Edward Harbold), Lee/Charlotte (James Round), Broward (Jose Lopez), and South Miami/Dade (Raul Moskovitz).

Women 6.5 Division -- Pensacola (Theresa Smith), Tallahassee (Denean Sykes), Gainesville/Lake City (Tamara Gordon), Jacksonville (Mary Dominguez), Ocala (Marjorie McLellan), St. Pete/Clearwater (Catherine Kelly), Tampa (Cindy Sparks), Polk (Sara Margeson), Orlando (Diane Speiser), Brevard (Mary Beth Fritz), Sarasota (Lisa Ceccacci), Treasure Coast (Sandy Palma), North Palm Beach (Julie Shrewsbury), Lee/Charlotte (Joan Lake), Naples (Dawn Aitkenhead), and South Miami/Dade (Terry Jonas).

Women 7.5 Division -- Pensacola (Tina Horton), Tallahassee (Jacqueline Larson), Gainesville/Lake (James Waddell), Ocala (KarYee Fransham), Polk (Glenda Chambers), St. Pete/Clearwater (Charlotte Tao), Tampa (Bridget Bishop), Orlando (Gale Poleschuk), Brevard (Diane Blatchley), Sarasota (Vicky Johnson), Treasure Coast (Mary Murray), North Palm Beach (Claudette Nys), Lee/Charlotte (Kathy Kornhaus), Naples (Minok Allen), Broward (Kerrie Tayon), North Miami/Dade (Tania Gaibor), and South Miami/Dade (Nina Lindsey).

Jacksonville is the defending champion in both the Women's 6.5 and Women's 7.5 divisions. Gainesville/Lake City is the defending champion in the Men's 6.5, and Tallahassee in the Men's 7.5.





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