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Preview: USTA Florida Combo Adult Doubles 5.5/8.5/Senior Tennis Chps.

January 13, 2010 06:00 PM
The weather is scheduled to be agreeable this weekend at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach, where teams from around the state will square off for the 2009 USTA Florida Combo Adult Doubles 5.5/8.5 & Combo Senior Section Championship.

During last week's 6.5/7.5 Combo Doubles Championships at the Florida Tennis Center, bundled-up participants at one point had to be pulled off the court due to sleet and the icy conditions.

USTA Combo Doubles is one of the fastest-growing leagues across the country. How does Combo Doubles work?

USTA Combo Doubles combines two different NTRP levels on the same court, with the combined NTRP of both players determining the league division. For example, in the 6.5 league, a 3.0 3.5 make up one team. There are three doubles courts to a team match, and the NTRP combinations between a pair of doubles players cannot exceed a 0.5 differential. Leagues are divided by 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5 divisions.

Defending champion's from the previous year's championship's are:

Men's 5.5: Pensacola
Women's 5.5: Tallahassee

Men's 8.5: Gainesville/Lake City
Women's 8.5: Jacksonville (two-time defending champs)

Senior Men's 6.5: St. Pete/Clearwater
Senior Women's 6.5: Polk County

Senior Men's 7.5: St. Pete/Clearwater
Senior Women's 7.5: St. Pete/Clearwater (two-time defending champs)

Here are the city/county teams (team captain in parenthesis) scheduled to compete this weekend:

Men 5.5

Gainesville/Lake City (Patrick Phelan)
Ocala (Christopher Ulbricht)

Men 8.5

Pensacola (Michael Edge)
Tallahassee (Larry Johnson)
Emerald Coast (Kevin Dunworth)
Gainesville/Lake City (Newell Fox)
Jacksonville (Harry Royal)
Polk (Brad Dantzler)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Dale Alford)
Tampa (Jose Orsini)
Orlando (Terry Montville)
Sarasota (Eric Abbott)
Treasure Coast (Ray McNulty)
Naples (Edward Harbold)
Lee/Charlotte (Frank Fourgeau)
North Miami/Dade (Emiliano Naftali)
South Miami/Dade (Rene Ramos)

Women 5.5

Tallahassee (Denean Sykes)
Gainesville/Lake City (Tony Andress)
Jacksonville (Diane Pinkerman)
Ocala (Ashleigh Smith)
Polk (Paige Turner)
Daytona Beach (Cheralyn King)
Sarasota (Susan Gillis)
South Miami/Dade (Sandra Teter)

Women 8.5

Tallahassee (Ellen Day Leroy)
Gainesville/Lake City (Cynthia Thibault)
Ocala (Leigh Chak)
Jacksonville (Rose Caven)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Valerie Schaefer)
Tampa (Kelli Mullen)
Orlando (Valerie Elvin)
Sarasota (Lauren Ash)
Broward (Soraya Palis)

Senior Men 6.5

Gainesville/Lake City (Allen Bates)
Polk (Joanne Collier)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Pat Augustine)
Lee/Charlotte (Frank Suarino)

Senior Men 7.5

Gainesville/Lake City (Ed Austin)
Jacksonville (Carlos Rosand)
Polk (James Whitaker)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Eddie Earls)
Tampa (Jay Bortner)
Lee/Charlotte (Ronald Graham)

Senior Women 6.5

Gainesville/Lake City (Elizabeth Smith)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Mary Halliday)
Polk (Jeanette Dickson)
Lake (Dee Berglin)
Lee/Charlotte (Audrey Palmer)
Naples (Minok Allen)
South Miami/Dade (Terry Jonas)

Senior Women 7.5

Gainesville/Lake City (Rebecca Bates)
Jacksonville (Cheryl Rowan)
Polk (Hilda Franco)
St. Pete/Clearwater (Charlotte Tao)
Tampa (Susan Cohen)
Treasure Coast (Mary Murray)

For more team info see the USTA Florida League Championships page at /USA-League-Tennis-Pages/1998_Championship_Page/






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