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Freshmen Orientation

July 1, 2008 08:53 AM

By Dede Allen
June 2008


Is it important to attend freshmen orientation?


Although it is not required to attend freshman orientation it is highly recommended. Each school runs them differently, but basically the program is meant to help you understand what to expect, how to adjust and not feel totally lost when you arrive for the fall semester. There is nothing worse than leaving home and feeling like you are all alone.

Schools may have more than one orientation period during the summer, depending on their size – check with your school of choice. If you have been in communication with your roommate, this might be a good time to meet him/her. Then you may not feel totally alone upon arrival.

If you are headed to a school that is not close to home, you will likely be leaving your entire support system of family and friends. However, being an athlete, you will have an advantage over “regular” students – you will already have a core group of friends/teammates plus a coach to meet and get to know. They will be your support system and most likely good friends while you are in school. If you do attend the orientation, be sure to let the coach know that you are coming.

Parents are often encouraged to attend orientation and many, if not most schools may even have a separate parent orientation program. If you are the first child in your household to leave for college or an only child – believe it or not, your parents will need to adjust to the emptiness that is left behind – yes, they will miss you. Orientation will help your parents understand what you will be going through while you are there. Even though your parents may have both attended college, times have changed and this will help them realize what college is like now. Do encourage them to come.






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