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Panama City Upgrades Tennis Facility

February 8, 2005 03:54 PM

Oakland Terrace League_Panama City.jpg

Panama City spent over $200,000 in 2004 to resurface six tennis courts, replace some of the fencing around the courts and put up new nets and windscreens.  Most important, by providing free court time to residents, these upgraded facilities are doing what they are supposed to do—encouraging people to play tennis, have fun, and stay fit!  According to April Ramirez, Leisure Services Department Staff member and Manager of the Oakland Terrace Tennis Center and Facility, “The tennis facility looks great and attracts a lot of tennis players. Courts are full most of the primetime hours and everyone is having fun playing tennis. Our most ambitious tennis group meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.  They just come together, match each other up, and have fun playing tennis for an hour and half.”

April Ramirez_Panama City.jpg

In addition to providing this great facility to over 50 adults on a weekly basis free of charge, the Panama City Leisure Department supports the YMCA junior and adult tennis programs. Over 35 children and 15 adults participate in tennis lessons. Angela Holliman, YMCA Youth Coordinator, started this program in September 2004, in partnership with the Leisure Service Department of Panama City.  Mrs. Ramirez is also planning to include a summer tennis program for three after school programs that the Panama City Leisure Department sponsors every summer.  Each of these schools provides mentoring, academic courses, and sports opportunities for more than 150 children in the Panama City Area.






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