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Kids Love That Tennis

March 18, 2008 09:44 AM

By Gary White
posted March 18, 2008

Classes for youngsters help them get into the game

Parker Strouse was gathering brightly colored tennis balls, carrying as many as he could on the strings of a racquet held horizontally, when he touched a ball and reacted almost as if it were a hand grenade.

"It's a hardy!" Parker called out in alarm, kicking the ball toward an adjacent court.

Someday Parker, 7, and the other kids on the courts at the Auburndale Tennis Center might find nothing remarkable about "hardies" - regulation tennis balls with firm surfaces. For now, though, the youngsters are learning the game with "squishies" - balls about the same size but lighter and spongier.

Parker and six other kids ages 9 and younger recently took part in a session of Quickstart Tennis, a program promoted by the United States Tennis Association. The program aims to make the game more inviting for youngsters with partial courts, shorter racquets and less scary balls - from large, foam versions for the youngest kids to regulation-sized, squishy ones.

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*Note: QuickStart Tennis is not a program, but rather a format for children 10 and under. 






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