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Doubles – Alive and Well at the Junior State Closed

October 6, 2005 10:48 AM

Some naysayers might feel that the game of doubles is on the downswing in junior tennis, but they were not at the Junior State Closed Doubles Tournament in Daytona Beach on September 17th and 18th. With nearly 300 players passionately competing, it was a fun filled weekend that adds spice to the normal singles schedule. Ann Brown of USA Tennis Florida loved watching the kids in a relaxed mode and especially loved to watch the mixed doubles divisions.  Tournament Director legend and scheduling master Bobby Curtis was able to fit the entire tournament into only two days. Nice weather and eight (8) game pro sets certainly helped matters.

Below are the results from each division:

(Due to limited resources, photos of each team are not available.  Please accept our apologies.  Thank you, USA Tennis Florida Staff.)


Boys’ 18 Doubles
Harris, Richard/Kim, Ryan d. Runda, Scott/Walsh, Timmy  8-6

Boys’ 16 Doubles
(2) Burkhardt, Joey/Krajicek, Austin d. (1) Boyajian, Brennan/Hunter, Zach   8-2

Boys’ 14 Doubles
(1) Gutsche, Nicholas/Polarczyk, Paul d. (4) Bernstein, Adam/Feder, Jesse   8-5

Paul Polarczyk & Nicholas Gutsche Boys 14 Winners St Closed 05.jpg

Boys’ 12 Doubles

(2) Berg, Timmy/Hasegawa, Kosuke d. (1) Newman, Spencer/Riggs, Danny   8-6

Boys’ 10 Doubles
(2) Newman, Baker/Saltiel, Alexander d. (1) Crisovan, David/Watane, Arjun   8-1

Girls’ 18 Doubles
(1) Broderick, Megan/Whoriskey, Caitlin d. (3) Frank, Morgan/Johnson, Holly   9-8(10-6)

Girls’ 16 Doubles
(4) Cercone, Alexandra/Frankenberger, Keri d. (1) Dubins, Brittany/Dubins, Taylor   8-6

Girls’ 14 Doubles
(2) Belaya, Maria/Linero, Jessica d. (1) Day, Danielle/Kasler, Jacqueline   8-3

Girls’ 12 Doubles
(1) Dvorak, Emily/Gruber, Julianne d. Deleveaux, Anquilla/Pough, Cassie   8-1

Girls’ 10 Doubles
(1) Kiick, Alexandra/Reynolds, Kealia d. Hueffner, Catherine/Hueffner, Alexandra   9-8(10-5)

Katie and Allie Hueffner & Allie Kick and Kealia Reynolds.jpg

Mixed 18 Doubles
(1) Broderick, Megan/Long, Owen d. Jaramillo, Jordan/Nowicki, Katherine   9-8; 7-6(10-5)

Mixed 16 Doubles
(1) Boyajian, Brennan/Dvorak, Lindsay d. (2) Krajicek, Austin/Simidian, Amy   8-1

Mixed 14 Doubles
(6) Dubins, Brittany/Federhofer, William d. (2) Bernstein, Adam/Simmons, Casey   8-3

Brittany Dubins and William Federhofer with Coach Ross Dubins.jpg

Mixed 12 Doubles
(1) Collins, Danielle/Newman, Spencer d. (2) Siegler, Rebecca/Watson, Gordon   8-3

Mixed 10 Doubles
(2) Hueffner, Alexandra/Newman, Baker d. (1) Reynolds, Kealia/Reynolds, Carter   8-4

Allie Hueffner Baker Newman Carter and Kealia Reynolds.jpg






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