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Day 5 - USTA Boys’ & Girls’ 12 Spring National Championships

April 13, 2007 08:14 AM

By Marlena Hall

Delray, FL (April 12, 2007) — Start your engines! The Crawfords (non-related), Jacqueline "V20" Crawford (9) (Michigan) and Samantha "S40" Crawford (11) (Georgia), both seeds in Sea Island Resorts USTA Boys’ & Girls’ 12 Spring National Championships hosted by the City of Delray Beach (April 8-14, 2007), are continuing to deliver premium quality tennis play while sporting a flashy look. These little Model Ts are driving forces in this prestigious National event—the #9 & #11 seeds—and are looking, though both are now out of the maindraw—to kick their 4-wheel drive into gear in the trunkdraw.

Top-seed Sachia Vickery (1) put a halt to Jacqueline Crawford's (9) expedition in the round of 16. On a separate bump in the road, Jwany Sherif (24) arrested Samantha Crawford (11) during the round of 32—6-2, 6-2—charged with playing her match with a half empty-tank and an expired forearm. But for Jacque"base"line Crawford, Thursday morning's horizon was looking brighter—she played Jamie Loeb from the "Big Red Delicious" State and seemed to just out-steady Loeb—6-1; 6-2. Loeb would have liked to hit more angles and hit less balls up the middle of the court. "I was playing too defensive, but there will be a next time," the precocious 12-year-old exulted. For Crawford, she kept her role model Nicole Vaidisova in mind as she went for big serves and used her forehand to come up with winners as often as she could. Living in Michigan and training at IMG/Bradenton's Bolletieri's Academy, Crawford loves to grind aggressively from the baseline. But she is no stranger to the net and is still in the doubles draw with her partner, (#8 seed in singles draw), Madeline Lipp. Crawford and Lipp plumped up their doubles play Thursday evening in the quarters, glossing in matching purple tennis attire. "I love doubles because it's so much more relaxing than singles, plus, if I lose, I don't feel quite as badly," said the ever-candid Crawford.
For Jackie, an avid-eater of authentic stir-fry, training off the court is just as important, if not more, than training on the court. Burning off the teriyaki, Crawford runs an impressive couple of miles a day and lifts weights to bulk up. Between swigs of water and forkfuls of vegetable stir-fry, Crawford got her engine healthy this afternoon for her opponent, Nadia Echeverria "Echinacea" Alam (20) (Miami,FL).  And it is for her turbo style play, which we'd like to trick out even more, by awarding you, Jacqueline Crawford, as the "Delray Beach Girls' Player of the Day."

On a separate highway, Boys' #1 seed, Joseph Di Giulio (1) (Newport Beach, CA), gave 100% in a wholesome match against Thomas Pura (5) (Bedford Hills, NY)—which lasted longer than a stick of Extra Bubblegum—4-6; 6-4; 6-4. For the Californian, clay is not a surface he sees too much of, but has been getting more accustomed to rugged terrain match-by-match. And it is for his hella good play thus far, that we'd like award the "Delray Beach Boys' Player of the Day" to Joseph Di Giulio—right on, dude!

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