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Youth Tennis Foundation Awards Ten Scholarships

July 17, 2007 09:40 AM
The Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) is pleased to announce 10 winners of the second annual
Jr. Team Tennis Scholarship Award for 2007.  Out of 42 applications submitted between March 1 – May 31, 2007 by USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis youth, six players have been awarded $500 while four received $300 to apply toward their tennis training of choice.  This includes tennis lessons, tennis camps and other tennis related activities.

$500 YTF Scholarship Recipients 

                    $300 YTF Scholarship Recipients 

 Tyra Fairley of Pembroke Pines

                     Devin Baker of Jacksonville

 Kinga Gartner of Pompano Beach

                     Kristen Howell of Sarasota

 Liz Renteria of Miramar

                     Austin Basque of Wendermere

 Anna Soltren of Longwood

                     Arrice Robinson of Daytona Beach

 Yana Wolter of St. Petersburg


 Zachary Yonker of Venice


The ten recipients were chosen because of their enthusiasm for tennis and outstanding character qualities they have displayed during participation in USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis.  A total of $4200 has been apportioned by the YTF, a non-profit organization established in 1962 that offers support for the development of youth tennis in Florida.

YTF board member, Tug Miller, said there were many outstanding applicants to choose from.

“The YTF is committed to team tennis and we wish we were able to give more scholarships,” said Tug.  “We love the idea of helping youth because when we were 10 or 11, tennis was a major influence in our own lives and kept us on track.  If we can do that for these kids, then that is a good goal for us.”

During most of its existence, the YTF has provided moneys to junior players who were the best players in the State as an incentive and a reward for their accomplishments. The moneys were to be used only to help those players compete in national events.  However; thanks to an extremely generous tennis enthusiast who past away recently, and left a portion of money to the YTF in his will, new scholarships have been created to help more children. 

The scholarship fund, going on its second year, helps youth players with perhaps less money, but who are still extremely focused on tennis and involved in a less competitive facet of the game.  The main focus has been Jr. Team Tennis and scholarships for college education, but the YTF hopes to build more avenues from there.  Every year, the YTF continues to spread the word about scholarships available to Jr. Team Tennis players.

Since its first year in 2006, the YTF received 27 applications and distributed 4 scholarships to JTT players.  This year, that number dramatically increased to 42 applications and 10 scholarships.  The organization has already indefinitely set aside 5% of its budget every year for scholarships. 

“We hope to receive at least 75 applications next year,” said Tug.  “We have committed to six $500 scholarships every year and the amount we will give for 2008 will depend on how our investments do, any donations we may get and if there are any other major needs in junior tennis that we can do some good.”

With the road to success in tennis often being a pricey one, organizations like the YTF help children and parents curb the costs through generous scholarship donations such as the 14 awarded in the past two years, plus many more tennis projects they have dedicated their time and efforts to.

For more information about the YTF, visit www.ytf-fl.org.

The winners of the YTF Scholarships will be recognized at the Lakeland Summer Section Jr. Team Tennis Tournament on Friday, July 29th during the player’s party, which the YTF has also sponsored.






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