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Junior Doubles Back in Action

September 10, 2007 12:32 PM
  • For up-to-date results and daily information about draws from the State Doubles Championships, visit TennisLink - tournament ID 151600607, or go there NOW.

The game of doubles is resurfacing from the shadows of junior tennis to the forefront of their game this weekend, September 14-16 for the 59th annual 2007 USTA Florida State Doubles Championships.   Doubles may be a game mostly played by an older generation, but over 350 junior players traveling to the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach beg to differ.  Participation in the State Doubles Championships has vastly grown from year to year in its popularity because it offers junior players a break from their demanding and oftentimes solo competitive schedules.  It also includes a mixed doubles division, which is always a unique and fun aspect of the tournament for players.

World No. 1 doubles team, Bob and Mike Bryan, have been great role models for the game of doubles and for junior players to look up to.  They continually stress the importance of doubles and what it can add to a junior player’s game.  

“We feel that doubles really adds to the overall appeal of tennis.  It gives the game more width and breadth.  Kids and adults love the team aspect of doubles and they enjoy watching the pros play doubles.  They like the formations and strategies and seeing two guys or gals out there working together.  And doubles points are so exciting with lightning quick volleys and returns and exchanges,” said Bob Bryan.

Mike added, “It's fun for them and it really helps make them complete and well rounded players.  It gives them a second chance if they lose their singles match and it also teaches a whole additional set of life lessons.”

The doubles tournament will no doubt produce exciting matches between friends, opponents and peers.  Short scoring is used (8 game pro-set) at the State Doubles Championships and players are always treated to a cool t-shirt; this year’s shirt imitates the psychedelic tie-dye shirt players received at the 2007 USTA Florida Junior State Closed Championships.

USTA Florida Director of Competitive Tennis, Andy Gladstone, says, “I love the fun easy going atmosphere of the Doubles State Closed.  Players and staff look forward to this event all year!”
A One-on-One Doubles tournament will take place just minutes from the Florida Tennis Center at Embry Riddle University on Friday, September 14 from 4:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.  The tournament can be used as a great tune-up for the State Doubles Championships.

Good luck players at this year’s tournament, and great job to last year’s champions who took home the 2006 USTA Florida State Doubles Championship trophies.

2006 USTA Florida State Doubles Champions
Boys' 18 Doubles Champions 
(1) Boyajian/Hunter d. Blanchard/Schwartz 8-4

Boys' 16 Doubles Champions 
(1) Federhofer/Samaha d. (2) Jackman/Wardell 8-7

Boys' 14 Doubles Champions 
(1) Katz/Newman d. (2) McCourt/Shamshiri 8-3

Boys' 12 Doubles Champions
(2) Newman/Saltiel d. (1) Dvorak/Lampman 8-1

Boys' 10 Doubles Champions 
(1) Crisovan/Gurevich d. (2) Colton/Opelka 8-0

Girls' 18 Doubles Champions
(2) Rose/Yapp-Shing d. Arguello/McCardle 8-3

Girls' 16 Champions 
(3) Kambourelis/Terpko d. Chupa/Sanon 8-6

Girls' 14 Doubles Champions 
(3) Jones/Van Nguyen d. (1) Dvorak/Sabacinski 8-5

Girls' 12 Doubles Champions
Gandelman/Suarez d. (3) Ambrozy/Martin 8-3

Girls' 10 Doubles Champions
Milstein/O'Loughlin d. Costa/Monge 8-0

Mixed 18 Doubles Champions
(2) Burkhardt/Collins d. (1) Boyajian/Dvorak 8-2

Mixed 16 Doubles Champions
(6) Dubins/Federhofer d. (3) Jackman/Yapp-Shing 8-4

Mixed 14 Doubles Champions 
(1) Shamshiri/Van Nguyen d. Cotrone/Dvorak 8-5

Mixed 12 Doubles Champions 
(1) Newman/Suarez d. (2) Martin/Saltiel 8-5

Mixed 10 Doubles Champions (RR) 
Gurevich/O'Loughlin d. Milstein/Shannon 8-3 

Photos by Michelle Pinkus






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