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Day 5 - USTA Boys' & Girls' 12 Spring National Championships

April 11, 2008 09:59 AM

Day 5—Act V; Scene IV "Quarters" of Nationals illustrates all that glitters is 'Goldin'

By Marlena Hall

Delray Beach, Fla., April 10, 2008 — Contrary to the contradicting 'fur' and surname, there are no varying shades in Grayson Goldin's (3) (Bradenton, FL) luminescent play. Dyeing to stay on topic of color, court monitors, umpires and Site Directors described Goldin as "an incredibly bright player." It becomes more apparent in the quarterfinals of the Sea Island presents USTA Boys' & Girls' 12 Spring National Championships hosted by the City of Delray Beach (April 6-12, 2008), that it takes a lot more than possessing a great forehand to excel in the draw's spreadsheet; but rather, a formula of 50% raw ability, 35% mental strength and 15% will to win (percentages not drawn to scale).

For Grayson, he intends to become a top 5 world ranked player. With a reputation of being "very talented", "polite", "determined" and "extremely intelligent on the tennis court," Grayson's professional chances appear like solid gold. Interestingly, Goldin, seeded #3 in the draw, looks up to Novak Djokovic, ranked #3 in the world. "I like that he [Djokovic] is young and making a big breakthrough in men's tennis," Goldin says. Where Djokovic can be seen impersonating Nadal's unaltered capris and Sharapova's arduous service motion, Goldin can be seen in the Singles' semis and teaming up with #1 seed Baker Newman (Miami, FL) in the doubles of the Boys 12 Nationals.  For his golden cerebellum, enlightening attitude and star-spectacled aspiration, we'd like to award Grayson Goldin, as our Day 5 Boys "Player of the Day!"

Adding to the recipe of tennis superstardom are the humble qualities of Kim Kermet (West Palm Beach, FL). Third round Kermet was to play Grace Tapak (Hinsdale, IL) but somewhere in the match, Kermet began to feel sharp pains in her left arm. After losing the match, Kermet was advised by the tournament's trainer to get X-rays on her arm and see how serious her condition was. After being told that she was "OK to play", Kermet cautiously embarked on a 8:45 am match Thursday morning against Jocelle Ann Rudico (Duncanville, TX) and to her dismay, the pain was still ever-present. After losing the first set, Kermet was determined to not walk away from potentially her last 12's National match without putting up a fight. Umpires on court were shocked as they watched Kermet use just one hand and slice her backhand all she could to stay in the points. Her courageous effort paid off as she captured the second set in a tiebreak.

However Kermet modestly admits, "I don't think my opponent took advantage of my arm enough, she could have hit to it more." After taking a pre-third set, 10-minute break, it seemed to Kermet that Rudico must have been instructed to play against Kermet's weakness. But the Canadian born girl was not going to let her opponent's enlightenment darken her outlook. In a well-fought match, Rudico championed a 6-3, 6-7, 7-5 victory. For remaining positive and never allowing a counter advantage to emit from her countenance, we'd like to honor the wounded heroine, Kim Kermet, with the Day 5 Girls "Player of the Day!"

A USTA National Championship

Florida Player News:

All but two Florida boys and one Florida girl remain in the main draw at the USTA Boys' & Girls' 12 Spring National Championships.  No. 1 seed Baker Newman (Miami, FL) is living up to the pressure as he defeated Jordan Belga (5) (Elk Grove Village, IL) 6-3; 7-5.  Day 5 Player of the Day, Grayson Goldin (3) (Bradenton, FL), defeated Michael Kay (Alpharetta, GA) 6-2; 6-1.  Alexandra Kiick (10) (Plantation, FL) joins the ranks of Grayson Goldin, as she now has a “double bagel” against her opponent at the Spring National Championships.  Alexandra defeated Jwany Sherif (4) (El Cajon, CA) 6-0; 6-0.  Wish the Florida players good luck in the semifinals! 

Other News: 







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