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2008 BG 14s USTA Zone Team Championships

July 7, 2008 03:51 PM


After five days of competition at The Naples Tennis Club and Resort for the 2008 BG 14s USTA Zone Team Championships, USTA Florida is proud to report a 1-2-3 sweep! Nine teams representing three USTA Sections started competition on July 6 vying for the title of team champion and top USTA Section.  USTA Florida, USTA Intermountain and USTA Missouri Valley each had an A, B and C team comprising 12 players each.  Teams were divided into different flights and each team with the best record advanced on towards the championship title! 

Respected coaches for USTA Florida teams included Eric KantorSteve Shine and Mike Kypriss.

In a close battle for first place on the final day of competition, USTA Florida’s B team took on USTA Florida’s C team.  Each team fought hard as competition was even-matched, which ultimately resulted in a 9-9 tie between the two teams. 

Jake Albo, Brett Clark and Alexander Saltiel won the No.1, No. 2 and No. 6 positions in boy's singles for USTA Florida C, while Baker Newman, Alejandro Perez and Jeffrey MacKenzie evened the score for USTA Florida B by winning the No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 positions, respectively.

Natalia Maynetto and Mari Osaka pulled out the only victories for USTA Florida C in the No. 1 and No. 6 girl’s singles positions.  Nicole Robinson, Blair Martin, Shea Brodsky and Claire Mitchell Andrews of USTA Florida B went on a roll as they defeated USTA Florida B players in the No. 2 through No. 5 positions.

Heading into doubles, USTA Florida B had a slight lead over USTA Florida C with 7 wins compared to 5 wins.  USTA Florida C had something to say about that as they won four out of six doubles matches.  Christopher Perrigan/Alexander Saltiel, Patrick Bared/Jose Gracia, Natalia Maynetto/Taylor Lederman, and Natalie Navarro/Mari Osaka of USTA Florida C claimed victory in doubles, which was played as an 8 game pro-set.  Joshua Goodman/Ognjen Samardzic and Shea Brodsky/Blair Martin won their doubles matches for USTA Florida B.

If two teams tied in overall matches won, the tiebreak point went to the team who had the most wins in doubles.  Therefore, because USTA Florida C defeated USTA Florida B 4-2 in doubles, they were awarded the extra point and desirable title of Champions! 

USTA Florida’s A team walked away with a 14-1 victory over USTA Missouri Valley’s A team in a playoff for third and fourth place at the 2008 BG 14s USTA Zone Team Championships.  Kenneth Sabacinski, Mario Nicosia, Ryan Smith, Balaji Jothishankar, Alan Chocron, Brett Landau, Rebecca Pol, Amy Lowther and Charlotte Clegg won singles matches for USTA Florida A, while Mario Nicosia/Kenneth Sabacinski, Ryan Smith/Balaji Jothishankar, Alan Chocron/Brett Landau, Kelsey Laurente/Kealia Reynolds, Cassie Pough/Rebecca Pol, and Amy Lowther/Charlotte Clegg claimed doubles victories for the USTA Florida. 

Congratulations to all teams who participated and to USTA Florida coaches on a job well done!

Florida A Team

Players include Alan Chocron, Charlotte Clegg, Balaji Jothishankar, Brett Landau, Kelsey Laurente, Amy Lowther, Mario Nicosia, Rebecca Pol, Cassie Pough, Kealia Reynolds, Kenneth Sabacinski and Ryan Smith.

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Florida B Team

Players include Claire Mitchell Andrews, Marie Babayan, Shea Brodsky, Taylor Brown, Joshua Goodman, Jeffrey MacKenzie, Blair Martin, Baker Newman, Dylan Nunez, Alejandro Perez, Nicole Robinson and Ognjen Samardzic.

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Florida C Team

Players include Jake Albo, Agatha Ambrozy, Patrick Bared, Carolina Berry, Brett Clark, Jose Gracia, Taylor Lederman, Natalia Maynetto, Natalie Navarro, Mari Osaka, Christopher Perrigan and Alexander Saltiel.

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