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A Letter from the 2.5 Women’s Team Returning from USA League Tennis Presented by Lincoln National Championships

October 12, 2004 02:27 PM
By Cynthia Speer, Captain, Brandywine 2.5 Women

We JUST got back this morning, unfortunately without the trophy, but with a lot of great memories, and feeling very proud of ourselves, and how we did.  Friday (the first day) in the first round, we did quite well (if I do say so myself!) -- won Singles in a tiebreak and won 2nd doubles, lost 1st doubles.

We came off the court with an hour to spare (I did not have that long – less than 30 minutes, but, thankfully the officials gave me some extra time to regroup), and went back on to take Singles again, and just lost 2nd doubles in a tiebreak by 2 points!  Very heart breaking to our players but none-the-less we felt extremely proud of ourselves!  Saturday we ended up losing to Southern, who ended up going to finals and losing to Caribbean, but not by much. The Singles player that I lost to (from Southern) actually beat the Caribbean girl. That made me feel a lot better about my loss! She was an awesome player!

We had a lot of fun. We did get a Fashion Award, and I suspect that if the award were available, our team would have gotten the Dancing Queens Award!!!!  Needless to say, even if we didn’t play as well as we liked, WE SURE LOOKED GOOD!!!!!

We have all bonded, eaten too much, and strategized for how we can get there again! It was interesting to see how seriously some teams take it.  (They have tryouts for their teams, trainers and traveling coaches - some even have team cars!)  We enjoyed getting away from everything, playing good tennis against really good opponents, and meeting some of the nicest people associated with USA League Tennis. We are looking forward to our newly formed 3.0 team!!! What an experience!

Hopefully next year Sectionals won’t be filled with Hurricanes!  Although we may not have made it if it weren’t for good old Charley, Francis, Ivan and Jeanne!!!






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