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January 21, 2005 03:04 PM
by Dave Prosser
Captain, District 14 Men's Senior Combo Team

Once upon a time there was a dedicated individual that lived in Florida (an Indian name for "land of hurricanes") who was responsible for tennis (a sport of great frustration) events that took place in an area called Daytona Beach (an Indian name for "land of great wind and rain").

This individual's name was Chief Black Cloud of the Indian Tribe known as "Tournament Directors."

Now in January of the year 2005,  Chief Black Cloud arranged a magnificent event of great historical importance called the "Combo League's Sectionals."

Unknown to all who attended was the great reputation that Chief Black Cloud had for arranging events in such a manner as to bring great excitement to all who participated in these events.  These moments of excitement where known as "no-name storms."  (Of course, when Chief Black Cloud outdid himself and had excitement beyond description, these moments came to be known as "hurricanes.")

The event was to be a three day event of great competition between the many tennis tribes of Florida.

The first day of the event was met with much excitement as the heavens above rained down such a torrent of "happy tears of joy" that such a magnificent event was being held in honor of the many tribes of tennis.

The second day of the tournament was met with less excitement as it was soon discovered the instead of "happy tears of joy" the event was actually blessed with "tears of sadness."  This was discovered by Chief Black Cloud's wife who noted that the great winds that accompanied these tears could only be meant to blow away tears of sadness and not to blow away happy tears of joy.  Because of the mis-interpretation of these "signs" a great chill fell over the land and unhappiness became rampant.

There was much consumption of a type of nourishment referred to as "adult beverages" in an attempt to appease whomever had "rained down" such disaster on this magnificent event.

Fortunately,  this attempt at appeasement appeared to have had some positive effect because, on the third day, even though a great chill was still felt throughout the land, a great orb of heat and light was seen to emerge somewhat briefly in the heavens above indicating that some competition between some of the tribes was now possible.

A great cry of joy was heard from the tribes who remained.  Their faith in Chief Black Cloud and the magnificent event had been restored!!!

And thus, another chapter in the history of the tribe known as "Tournament Directors" had been written for all the ages to study and marvel in.

Chief Black Cloud continues, to this day, his quest of the perfect event pitting the tennis tribes of Florida against each other in honorable combat without tears of joy or sadness raining from the heavens above, without wind, or a chill descending in the land.






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