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A Day in the life of the USA Tennis Florida Staff

A Day in the life of the USA Tennis Florida Staff....

check out this behind the scenes footage of the
2002 Annual Meeting

Forget tennis, I wish I were a ballerina!

Kelly, quit hiding in the trailer and help us work!

"Meet me in Room 223, hot stuff!"

Who needs Chardonay! after the 4th glass of White Zinfandel I don't notice the difference

Lynne: Is it hot in here or is it just the heat from Doug's sunburned head...Doug: Should I get the Chicken or Ribs for lunch

I would love to see Spicy Jacqui in just the net!!

Hey Rita! I'm wearing your favorite Spiderman underwear....on my head!

Sherry: No! you must renew for 10 years to get that prize! Sara: I really could use some coffee....zzzzzzz...

LaVerne, Shirley and their mystery man with Buns of Steel!

Audrey: Ladies make sure to strut your stuff as you walk the award winners up on stage!

Janet: All we need is a Manager and this Rock N' Roll group is ready to go!

Scotti: How long do I have to sit here before I get my turn to eat....those ribs sure smell good!

Three amigos: Hella, why are you running away!

Should I wear this to the dinner dance

O.k. Bill, I'm ready to hit the bar now!

Wow! What a great looking Staff!





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