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Edward Corty - 2007 Jr. State Closed Blog

Player Name: Edward Corty (Boys 14s)
Blogging From: Jr. State Closed, Florida Tennis Center, Daytona Beach.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hello everyone.  Today will be my final blog at states because I lost yesterday.  I played at 9 a.m. against Morgan Mays.  Morgan played a very solid match and really cranked a lot of great forehands.

So, I drove back home to St. Pete around noon after eating at Chili's (this drive was even faster than the one here!)  On the way home I watched some of a fantastic movie called "Airplane."

As you can imagine I am disappointed to be out of the state tournament fairly early because I felt as though I had a real shot to go to the quarterts had I pulled out the win against Taylor Shamshiri.

I still felt as though it was a good tournament and I am really looking foreward to going to it next year. Thanks again for reading.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello everyone on another day at States.  Today was a bit of a disappointing one for me but there were some good things that came out of it.  I had an 8 a.m. match with the number 8 seeded Taylor Shamshiri.  I won the first set of our match 6-4 and then Taylor came back to win the second 6-1.  After two and a half hours Taylor won the third set 6-4 and I wish him the best of luck for the rest of the tournament.

After my match I was completely exhausted… it was soo hot out there!!!  So, it was extremely nice to have Gordon Watson invite me into his RV for a little lunch (and to watch the Federer, Nadal match.)  We had delicious fajitas made by Mrs. Watson who also provided me with some pictures to put on the blog.  After eating and watching Federer getting whooped I went back to the courts to watch Kenny Sabacinski and Philip Gordon have a grueling four-hour match.  Yes I said FOUR hours!  They really seemed to be exhausted at the end understandably so.

After going back to the hotel and showering I went to Smoothie King to pick up an "Angel Food" smoothie (my favorite).  Then I headed back to the tournament site to watch my friend Garrett Betsarakis play his second round 16 and under match. I also got the chance to watch some awesome 18 and under players including Brennan Boyajian, Zach Hunter, and Clint Bowles.  They really crush the ball.

After that if you were wondering it was dinnertime and yes… Olive Garden again.  On my way out of the restaurant I saw Patrick Bared and his coach Sebastian.  I plan to warm up with them tomorrow morning for my 9 o' clock match against Morgan Mays.  Time to sleep so goodnight and wish me the best!




Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hello everyone on another day at the State Closed.  Today as you may know I had an 8 a.m. match against a friend of mine, Carlos DeBracamonte.  I don't want to give you too many details of the match because that could start to get boring and besides… you should have been watching it! Just kidding, any way just for a few details…I started the match very quickly jumping to a 5-0 lead.  Then Carlos, the great fighter he is, battled back to 5-4 which was where I closed out the first set to win it 6-4. I think that winning the first set gave me a little energy boost to play well in the second set which I did and won the second set 6-1.

As a quick side note, something that I thought was quite tricky on my part occurred after my match.  After leaving the court I noticed that I didn't have the balls to turn in.  So, I quickly took 3 used balls out of my tennis bag and handed them to the nice guy behind the tournament desk and he didn't notice that they were Penn balls instead of Wilson!  I am relying on everyone reading this blog to not rat me out… haha.

Before the match, as you can imagine, I didn't have much time to hang out with my friends other than warming up with two of my good friends Michael Rinaldi and Jack Murphy.  Since I wasn't able to see my friends before the match I decided to stay at the Tennis center for a while after my match.  I watched a lot of appealing matches including Spencer Newman play Roberto Cid, and Ricky Symanski against Timmy Berg.  Along with watching matches I got to meet one of the best coaches in tennis, Kelly Jones.

After hanging out with the likes of Gordon Watson, Kenny Sabacinski, Trey Strobel, and Danny Mack it was lunchtime.  I went to Winghouse, which was delicious because I got some of their "world famous" wings.
From Winghouse I went to Sports Authority to use up the gift card that I got for my birthday.

After relaxing for quite a while (which included an hour long nap) it was dinnertime.  It didn't take much thinking about where to go to dinner… Olive Garden! I know you are probably thinking that Olive Garden is really just an average restaurant but remember this was only my second time there!  I sat at a table with my friends Timmy Berg, Trey Strobel, and Danny Mack.  And this time if you were wondering, when we asked for more breadsticks we got them immediately… they were probably trying to make up for their terrible mistake yesterday.
Tomorrow is another 8 a.m. match against Taylor Shamshiri, who is a quite accomplished play so I'll need my A game which requires lots of rest.  I'll try to write again tomorrow so until then… wish me the best!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hey everyone, if you don't already know me, my name is Edward Corty and I'm going to be writing a blog for the Florida "State Closed" tournament.  I'm going to be competing in the boys 14 and under this year.

Anyway enough boring back round information… I got to Daytona today in record-breaking times (which wasn't so great for me because I didn't get to finish my movie!) and went straight to the Florida Tennis Center.  As I had already warmed up this morning I didn't hit with any one but instead took the opportunity to see all of my rockin' tennis friends.  The people I saw and talked to included Emily and Lindsay Dvorak, all of the Sabacinskis, Josh Dancu, and Jack Murphy.  Along with seeing my friends, I registered for the tournament and added another sweet bag tag to my regimen.

As you can imagine, after a long and hard drive to Daytona (I actually just sat in the back seat and watched a movie… "School for Scoundrels") it was time for a great dinner, and what better place than the neighborhood Olive Garden?!   I must confess and everyone is going to say I'm crazy but I had never been to an Olive Garden before…it was GREAT!!!!  I went with my buddy Jack Murphy.  While at Olive Garden something terrible happened… we asked the waitress for more garlic bread sticks and she didn't bring any garlic bread sticks!!!  She must have had something seriously against us… or maybe she forgot.  Anyway, I managed to get enough food and have to get to bed fairly early tonight for an 8 a.m. match!! What a wonderful time to start playing tennis.  I play Carlos DeBracamonte in the first round which is always a tricky match so I'm gonna need a lot of rest… wish me the best!





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