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Jenna Doerfler - 2008 Jr. State Closed Player Blog

Player Name: Jenna Doerfler (Girls 18s - Winter Park, FL)
Blogging From: Jr. State Closed, Florida Tennis Center, Daytona Beach.

Thursday, June 11, 2008

The final day! It's hard to believe State is over... it sure was an intense week of tennis though.  It does seem like forever ago that I was suffering through the SAT and playing my first match that afternoon at 4:30. This morning I got up around 6. I helped pack the car and gathered all my stuff together for the day. My Mom, sister, and I left around 6:30 to go pick up my friend Caitlin who generously agreed to come with me for the day and warm up with me that morning in Daytona. Getting picked up at 6:45 to warm me up and support me is quite the friend.  :)   So we picked Caitlin up and headed toward Daytona. Along the way, I ate my breakfast of a blueberry bagel with peanut butter, fruit and a hard boiled egg (you all should know the routine by now). We were lucky to not hit any traffic and unlike yesterday, didn't have to see any accidents along the way.

My Dad couldn't get away from his work today to come see me, but he will be taking me to the Florida Open in about a week, so I told him not to cancel his appointments.   Oh, and I had quite the surprise this morning!  I found out, as we were getting closer to Daytona, that my grandfather was coming to my match! He decided last minute but wanted to surprise me. It was so sweet.  I was so happy that he was coming. He is one of my biggest fans along with my grandma and any match they get to, I absolutely love it. I got to Daytona around 8:00 and my match was scheduled for 9:00. I got out and did a light warm up of jogging and some light stretches. I could already tell I was sore! My early morning after a late night and the two long 3 set matches from yesterday were taking a toll on me and it was more than I expected.  Anyway, Caitlin and I then hopped on a court to warm up for about 20 minutes or so. After that, I checked in and went on p retty much exactly at 9:00. It was nice; we didn't have to wait for any courts since we were their first matches of the day. It was unbelievably humid though!  I was already pretty soaked from warming up, but that's Florida weather for you.

I could write a lot about my match this morning against Rachel (and you all know I can write a ton!), but I am going to keep it short and sweet and say that we had some great points.  But, I couldn't seem to capitalize on the really important ones today, like game points, and that really cost me in the end. I was feeling mentally and physically worn out and caught myself not moving my feet and missing shots I could hit in my sleep. It was pretty frustrating but I realized what was happening and how I was feeling. Yesterday had larger toll on me than I thought I guess. It's disappointing because I work out on a regular basis along with my tennis training so I always feel confident about my stamina and strength.  Anyway, I lost. Rachel is a great player though and I've always respected her game.
Even with the huge disappointment today, I feel like I had a great tournament.  I won several long, drawn out matches that were real achievements for me, yet I wish I could've ended on a better note... feeling like I played really well in my last match. Personally, I know that I did not compete at the same level I did yesterday in my afternoon match and only I could feel that.

I'd like to thank my family for always supporting and believing in me. My parents always help me to see the positive in a situation and encourage me to keep moving forward, and my sister, Jillian, has just always been there for me, watching me long before she was old enough to compete herself.  She is truly my best friend. There are also those who continuously support me in my tennis.  There's my grandparents who always wish me luck and then are there to listen after I play a match, congratulating me or reminding me that there's many more matches to be played!  There's my coach, Alice, who pushes me to work hard when I train and advises me in her calm yet confident way, and finally, there's my Uncle Joey who supports me from several states away by calling (sometimes from the court!) to check on how I'm doing or talk about my match.

Thank you to Mr. Curtis, Mr. Gladstone, all of the tournament personnel, all of the officials, and everyone who helped in making this event great, as it always is. It's always such a smoothly run event and I really enjoy playing it every year. Now, it's back to training for the Florida National Open in just about a week!

I hope everyone had a successful week and I'm sure I will see you all at other tournaments this summer.
Thank you all for following me and my matches this past week. It has been great and thank you again Mr. Gladstone for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences of this past week with everyone.

Best of luck to everyone in the future!
See you all next year.

~Jenna   :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow, did today ever start early! I got up at 5:15, was in the car by 6:00, ate my breakfast of a hard boiled egg, a blueberry bagel with peanut butter, and fruit, as we drove over to Daytona. It was really foggy out and there was a lot of traffic with people heading to work. We made it through two different accidents and got over to Daytona right before they closed I-4 down for a third accident so we felt very lucky to get there safely and without a delay. I was supposed to be meeting Meghan Sullivan to warm up, so I was pretty stressed about getting there on time. We did though, and we had a good warm up. My whole goal was just to wake up! I honestly was very tired this morning and it probably had a lot to do with how late we got in last night from Daytona. I pulled through today though!

Today was a really good day, definitely my best yet. It started with a 3 setter this morning for my 8:00 match and man, it was humid! I started off solid and was hardly missing anything. After a few games though, I started to make more unforced errors and that was really costing me. I won the first set 6-4, lost the second set 5-7, then pulled it together to win the third 6-2. We had some really great points and our match was about 2 1/2 hours long. We were joking after that we were glad we decided to play it this morning rather than last night! After that match, I reported my scores and got my next time. They had to push my match time back half an hour to give me the full 2 hour break. Since I absolutely soaked, I went upstairs to rinse off before heading to grab a bite to eat. I ate light, like I always do between matches. We went over to Panera and I ate a bagel with peanut butter and some fruit. I really had to pump myself up before my next match, because I realized how t ired I was.

My next match was scheduled for 12:30 and I actually got on early, around 12:15. No rain in sight, which I was very glad about! I was playing Dominique Henry, someone I have never played before. We had stadium court which was awesome. This match was close to 3 hours long, with both of us hitting with a lot of power and fighting out long points. I won the first set 6-3, then lost the second set 4-6. The heat rule was not in effect because of the cloud cover (but it sure felt like it should be in effect).  So, we had only 2 minutes. This seemed very familiar to me, as I had gone through the same thing earlier that morning. I was starting to realize how tired I was, but I think the feeling of how badly I wanted to win took over. I know I should be able to tell you about every game in detail, but honestly the third set is a blur now. I kept fighting, she kept fighting, and even though I won the third set 6-1, it was much more of a battle than the score shows. Just about every game went to deuce, and I swear when I was up 3-1, that game was the longest game of my life! That was a critical game though for both of us. I was fighting to go up 4-1, and she was fighting for 2-3. Fortunately I won that game and it definitely gave me a boost of energy to finish out the set. In the end, I won 6-1! I was SO excited to not only have won, but also to be finished playing. I was told that since I had already played twice today, my match was scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00. I will be playing Rachel Saiontz, the #1 seed, in the semi-finals of the backdraw. I am extremely pumped for that match and am definitely looking forward to it. For now though, I am heading to bed!  :)

Tomorrow is the final day of State. I wish everyone who is playing tomorrow luck. With so many great competitors at State, it's pretty exciting to be there on the final day.

~Jenna  :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is going to be short because I am headed to bed. We got home from a full day of being at the tournament at 10:15 PM and I have to be up at 5:15 AM to leave for my 8:00 match.  Okay, I think I jinxed things today by mentioning rain yesterday.  The rain started around noon, I think, (that seems SO LONG ago) as I finished my match.  I played well and it paid off because I won.  My mom and sister were there to watch me.  My dad couldn't come this morning because of work.  After my match, I went over to watch one of my good friends, Jackson Tresnan's, match. It was during his match that it started to rain.  Within about 10 minutes, it was pouring and everyone was off the courts.  I left to get a smoothie and lunch at Panera's with Caitlin McGraw and her mom.  There were a lot of players there getting lunch too.  My second match time was supposed to be 4:00, but, as we all know, that didn't happen.  When we found out that it would be 6:00 for the 4:00 matches, we stayed at Panera's for awhile just talking and relaxing and then went over to Target just to stay moving. Then we decided to go to Barnes and Noble to get off our feet and relax a little.  Caitlin and I read magazines while my mom camped out in the college section and my sister read and ate in the cafe. We headed back over to the courts around 4:30 because Caitlin was supposed to play at 4:30.  But, when we got there, we could see that a lot of the courts were still too wet to play on.  That was the start of a very long wait for everyone.  There were still 12:30 matches to go on. The rain had stopped but as my dad got there, he told us that there was rain within 10 minutes of us.  Somehow, we never got that rain so at least that didn't add to the wait.  The longer we waited, the more I thought I might not get on tonight.  I walked arou n d watching matches with Amber, Kelly, Meghan, Caitlin, my litt le sister Jillian and her friend, Em.  We were all handling the wait, but, honestly, the most annoying part was the bugs!  My mom got some bug spray out of the car that she shared with as many people as possible but the bugs didn't seem to be bothered by the spray!

It was a frustrating night as we all waited for a court and also to see if we were even going to play.  Everyone with the tournament was working as hard and as quickly as they could to get people on the court as soon as someone would come off.  I have to say that everyone behind the tournament desk was really patient with all of us asking how many courts away we were.  In the end, my opponent and I had not been called by 8:40 so we went to find out what our options were.  Since it was passed 8:30, it was up to us to decide if we wanted to play tonight or at 8:00 tomorrow morning.  As you can tell, we decided it was better to play tomorrow morning, so, I'm going to close and get to bed!

Sorry about the frustrating day for everyone, players and everyone with the tournament, but we all know, this is just how it goes sometimes!  I think we all made the best of it and at least we had fun being together.  Good luck to everyone as you continue playing your matches!

~Jenna :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

I started off my morning with my state breakfast of scrambled eggs and a waffle, prepared by my dad.  I warmed up with Caitlin McGraw over at some courts in Maitland. We both were in the same situation of playing the third seed today and we were pumping each other up. We had a really good warm up and it was funny because all of the women's leagues were playing and complimenting us on almost every shot that we hit. It was a nice confidence booster before we both left each other for our matches. I came home after that since I had a little time before my match and I ate a light lunch and changed clothes. It was pretty cloudy on this side so I worried a little bit about rain. It seems that every year (knock on wood) it rains at state!  I remember last year going through a hail storm as we left the site. Another year, I went on at 8:00 at night, the day AFTER I was scheduled to play. So, we've really lucked out this year, and hopefully I am not jinxing it!

My mom and I left for Daytona, with my Dad and sister about 30 minutes behind us so my dad could get as much work done as possible. I'm so glad my mom didn't have to teach this week so she could be with me for my matches. I listened to my Ipod pretty much all the way over, taking only a few breaks to talk to my sister and my grandparents. My grandparents really wanted to be there but they live more than 2 hours away, plus my grandfather couldn't get a replacement for his men's tennis league. They've always been so supportive to me in everything that I've done and I have always been extremely close with them. It was okay though because I didn't want them to be on the road that long.  Before I knew it we were at the site and I did my warm up of jogging and stretching a little since I had just sat for about an hour in the car. I met up with Caitlin who had had a tough match and talked with her a little bit. My coach Alice Reen was also there, which I really appreciated, so she pumped me up before my match as well.

I am going to get straight to the point and tell you that I lost...I was not happy and still not happy about it, but hey who's ever happy when they lose? I felt I played pretty well, and I played smart, I just didn't capitalize on the major points today and she did. That will cost ya in the end. But, I know what I want to work on, and my coach and I talked after my match so it was good hearing her feedback. So now we have a game plan of what to work on, which is always exciting.  :) 

Tomorrow I play at 10:30. Earlier than any match I've had, but I like morning matches so that will be good. I am getting up to warm up with my friend Matt who is on my high school tennis team with me. I dragged him into getting up for an 8:00 warmup. :) He did it though! That's what friends are for!

Alright, I hope everyone's day went a little better than mine! Good luck again to everyone. And definitely stay hydrated!!

~ Jenna  :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Well, day 2 went well! I got to sleep in a little bit, until like 8:30 which is sleeping in for me. I woke up to my Dad cooking waffles and eggs for my sister, Jillian and me.  Then I went to warm my sister, Jillian, up at Cady  Way (some courts right around the corner from my house).  We did our typical warm-up of a light jog, some mini-tennis, followed by some groundstrokes, volleys, and serves.  We headed back to our house and then Jillian and my mom left for Ormond Beach where she was playing her match at 12:30.  I watched the end of Federer getting creamed by Nadal.  Then my dad and I left for Daytona where I was meeting up with Jenn Miller to warm up at the Holiday Inn courts. We had a really good warm up and then we both headed over to the main site. When I got there, I ran into  Jennifer Pfiefler and Jackie Kasler so we all caught up for a little before we played. I hadn't seen Jennifer in f orever so it was great to talk to her. The next thing I knew they were calling my name to report to the desk and head out to my court. I won my match and I felt I played well. I played Rebecca Kitto, someone who I had heard of before but never met. This match started a little differently than yesterday since I didn't have the nerves I had for my first match. I started out playing very consistent and waited for her to make the mistake. As I got more comfortable into the match, I started going for a little more and was following my shots in.  All in all, I was happy with my play, but had a few things I wanted to work on so I made a plan in my head to do that when I got home. After I reported my scores, I met up with one of my closest friends Meghan Sullivan who had just gotten off the court and had a really tough match. I went over to watch Farah Leclerq finish out her 3rd set. She and her opponent were really fighting until the end , but Farah pulled it out. I was so happy for her!  After her m atch I was going to leave but then met back up with Meghan, Amber Li, Laura Gustche, Kelly Sullivan, and of course my little sister Jillian, and her friend Em. We all walked around and watched some matches for awhile but we wanted to get out of the sun so we hung out under the tent. We were all so tired and hungry but for some reason we were hyper and couldn't stop laughing. Amber had found these 2 beach ball globes that FLVS gave out, and she was having a field day with those! I realized my dad was still waiting out in the car for us to leave, so I had to find my mom (she had been talking the entire time to all the other moms) and drag my sister away from Em in order to leave. It was hard to leave because we were all having such a great time (must have been the relief of getting through the second day!)  but I really wanted to get home to get on the court.

Tomorrow I play at 2:30 and I am really looking forward to my match. I am going to play Jackie Kasler who is one of my friends and is someone I really respect on the court. 

Okay, I'm off to the courts with my Dad and then home for a dinner of salmon, vegetables, and pasta.  I hope everyone had a good second day and best of luck again to everyone tomorrow!

~Jenna :)


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Night-The first day

Well today went pretty well!! I got up this morning at 6:30 and was picked up by my friends to go take the SAT at my high school. The test was scheduled to start at 8:00, but of course that never happens, so we got started a little later. I felt I did really well on it and I came out with a pretty positive attitude about it. I rushed home and my mom had lunch waiting for me. :) I was starved! I then quickly changed clothes and grabbed my stuff to get over to Daytona where I  met up with my friend Jackson Tresnan, who also took the SAT this morning. We warmed up at the courts at a Holiday Inn. After warming up, I came over to the main site. One of the best parts of State, which is seeing all my friends, started in the parking lot when I saw my friend Farah Leclerq and her mom. Farah had a really tough match this afternoon, so we stood there talking about it for a little bit while my Mom talked to her mom about colleges. I then went to check in and got my t-s hirt and packet. Jenn Miller was just coming off the court as I walked up so we talked about her match for awhile. Then I saw Taylor Dubins who unfortunately isn't playing, so we caught up. It was weird not seeing her in her tennis clothes, but I know she'll be back in it in no time!  I stretched a little and  was then on my way to watch my friend Meghan Sullivan when I was called to play. I had my last pump up words with my mom and my sister as I was walking to find my court.

I won my match!! I played a really good first set with hardly any errors but man, in the second set I think I was really starting to check out. I think all of a sudden I was just mentally drained because at the beginning of this set I was making unforced errors and silly mistakes. My opponent, Bridget McKenna, was also playing better in the second set. In the end, I pulled it out and I was glad to be off the court and reporting my scores!  Bridget is nice player and I wish her luck in the rest of the tournament. I was so relieved to be finished with that first match!  No matter who you play, it's just nice to get through that first match. As I was walking off the court to report my scores, I ran into Erin Colton and Devon Cavanaugh. I haven't seen Devon since the Virginia Super National last summer; it was so great to see her again! E rin and I have this ongoing joke about our outfits because at the Designated a few weekends ago, we were unintentionally wearing almost the exact same outfit. Today, she obviously didn't get the memo because she was not in all black like I was! :)  After a few minutes of talking to them, I realized I needed to get up to the main desk and report my scores! I was told I play tomorrow at 2:00.

As we were getting ready to leave, my Mom and I ran into Bobby Curtis and said hello. It's always a pleasure to see Mr. Curtis. He makes you feel like a winner and is always so positive to talk with.  My Mom's family has known him ever since her brothers played junior tennis back in the day. :) 

We drove away from the tennis center toward home, something I hope to have to do for many days this week!
Today seemed extremely long and I can't wait to get to sleep! But first we're going to grab a smoothie and find some pasta for dinner (my typical dinner when I'm playing). I'm looking forward to Day #2 and until then, good luck to everybody!

~Jenna  :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey, my name is Jenna Doerfler and I am playing in the Girl's 18's. I live in Winter Park, which is near Orlando, so we are driving back and forth which is nice. It's only about an hour drive. So, I can't believe it's time for State again. I feel like I was just playing it, yet it was a whole year ago. This past week has been an intense week of tennis. I usually train on hard courts but I made sure I was on clay everyday this past week, most days morning and afternoon. I trained with my coach Alice Reen, and did some group trainings as well. I also hit with one of my closest friends, Caitlin McGraw, pretty much everyday. She was getting ready for State (16's) too. At the beginning of the week I was keeping up with my normal workouts at the gym, but as we got closer to the tournament I just focused on the trainings so I wasn't sore. This entire past week I made sure I was staying hydrated; it was so hot everyday this week! This past week I also finished school s o that was kind of stressful because I had 4 exams through the course of the week and 2 projects to turn in. Makes for late nights... but we finally got out Wednesday and it was definitely a relief!  I am really excited to play my match Saturday. I play at 4:30. Luckily, I got a pretty late match time because I am taking the SAT test Saturday morning at my high school. I am not really looking forward to taking it on the same day of State starting, but it's the only time offered this summer so I pretty much have to. I just have to focus for like 5 hours straight, then I get to be on the court. :)  So I am pumped to play my first match but also a little nervous! State, for some reason, has always made me a little nervous, well just the first match really, until I get all the nerves out. A lot of my friends feel that too, maybe it's just because State is such a big deal, I don't know. But once I get those first match jitters out I know I will be fine! I'll let you know how I do! :)

~Jenna  :)

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