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Gainesville, Miami, Treasure Coast Advanced Winners at USTA Jr. Team Tennis Spring Chp.

April 21, 2011 02:49 PM
18-Advanced champion Miami-Bryan, City of Miami
18-Intermediate "A" champion Palm Harbor Canes (Pinellas County), Palm Harbor University High School
18-Intermediate "B" champion Hernando Smashers (Brooksville), Nature Coast Technical High School
18-Intermediate "C" champion Sanlando Strikers, (Altamonte Springs), Sanlando Park
14-Advanced champion Treasure Coast Smashers (Palm City)
14-Intermediate "A" champion Treasure Coast Acers
14-Intermediate "B" champion Toyota (Miami)
14-Intermediate "C" champion Master Minds (Miramar), Silver Lakes Tennis Complex (Park & Rec.)
12-Advanced champion G-Power (Gainesville)
12-Intermediate "A" champion Team: Florida Yacht Club
Zone Team 12s (Jacksonville)
12-Intermediate "B" champion Hufflepuff (Gainesville)
12-Novice top finishers KELA KIDS (Lake City)
Junior tennis teams from Miami (18-Advanced), Treasure Coast (14-Advanced) and Gainesville (12-Advanced) captured the advanced division trophies at the USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis Spring Section Championship, held April 16-17, 2011, at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach. The event featured 18-under, 14-under, and 12-under age groups in advanced, intermediate and novice divisions on co-ed teams.

Gainesville also won titles in the 12-Intermediate "B" and "C" divisions, while Treasure Coast also captured the 14-Intermediate "A" division title, and Miami the 14-Intermediate "B" crown.

Other title-winning teams were Pinellas County (18-Intermediate "A"), Hernando County (18-Intermediate "B"), Altamonte Springs (18-Intermediate "C"), Miramar (14-Intermediate "C"), Clearwater (14-Novice), Jacksonville (12-Intermediate "A"), and Lake City (12-Novice).

All USTA Jr. Team Tennis division matches feature a boys' and girls' singles, a boys' and girls' doubles, and a mixed doubles match, with the winning team determined by overall games won. In the case of the 18-Intermediate "B" division, the Hernando Smashers and the Sanlando Dream Team each finished play tied at 217 games won. The Hernando Smashers were declared the winner when the tiebreaker went to total games lost, which was 159 for Hernando and 171 for Sanlando.

“We had 62 teams and the level of competition and sportsmanship on display made for a really great weekend,” said USTA Florida Team Tennis Coordinator Michelle Willis. “Jr. Team Tennis is a team sport. It is so great to see so many players, parents, siblings, and coaches cheering on and supporting their teams. Even though this is a competition, Jr. Team Tennis is a recreation team sport. It is great for tennis players who have been competing individually to work together. The winners are determined by games won, so even if you lose, the games accumulated mean everything. Teams have to work together to get the most games won overall to win.”

Below are the division results and winning team rosters and captains from the 2011 USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis Spring Section Championship:


Champion Team: Miami-Bryan (Miami), City of Miami
Captain: Noel Cubela
Players: Kevin Cubela, Krystle Leilani Cintas, Jorge Manuel Rodriguez del Rey, Diana Maria Perez, Sabrina Alejandra Scovino, Grover Ordonez, Rafael Alvarez 
Finalist Team: Palm Harbor Hurricanes

18-Intermediate "A"

Champion Team: Palm Harbor Canes (Pinellas County), Palm Harbor University High School
Captain: Irene K. Tharin
Players: Julia An, Lauren A. Moseley, Prasanth Nemani, Cassandra Lauren Remedios, Brandon Murphy, Nicholas Robert Govola, Rachel Tullius 

18-Intermediate "B"

Champion Team: Hernando Smashers (Brooksville), Nature Coast Technical High School
Captain: John Downey
Players: Tyler Prescott Schwefringhaus, Andrew Jordan Lund, Zenon John Kouts, Rose Witherell, Mallorie Suzanne Pickersgill, Delanie McCabe
Finalist Team: Sanlando Dream Team

18-Intermediate "C"

Champion Team: Sanlando Strikers, (Altamonte Springs), Sanlando Park
Captain: Gina Ballard; Co-captain: Samuel Ballard
Players: Natalie Ballard, Kali Ballard, Alexander Bradford, Levi Swenson, Kelly Svendsen, Anja Erwin, Luis Velez, Christo Koussev 


Champion Team: Treasure Coast Smashers (Palm City)
Captain: Barbara Clifton
Players: Avery Davis, Colter Decoste, Emma Decoste, Peyton Palma, Stephanie Pompa, Anya Tobin
Finalist Team: The Acers

14-Intermediate "A"

Champion Team: Treasure Coast Acers
Captain: Sandy Palma
Players: Kyra Abbott, Nishanth Chalasani, Erik Clifton, Quinn Hiaasen, Alyssa McGarity, Kailey McGarity, Alexa Mihalovich, Koushal Rao

14-Intermediate "B"

Champion Team: Toyota (Miami)
Captain: Noel Cubela
Players: Shellee Baker, Jose Disotuar, Alexander Duran, Raphaela Game, Matas Juodzevicius, Vanessa Tabares, Victoria Tabares

14-Intermediate "C"

Champion Team: Master Minds (Miramar), Silver Lakes Tennis Complex (Park & Rec.)
Captain: Dolly Morris
Players: Jesse Esteves, Michael Albert Cabral, Joseph Maireni Cabral, Kevin Fuerte, Shellee Baker, Ricky Calleja


Champion Team: McMullen Maniacs (Clearwater)
Captain: Erick Chall
Players: Alex Adolphson, Joseph Brooks, Lily Eichenberger, Niklas Jacobi, Alexander Matusewicz, Ashley Reese, Cara Soulliere
Finalist Team: Miami Slice


Champion Team: G-Power (Gainesville)
Captain: So-Mei Louie
Players: Grey Cacciatore, Harry Cacciatore, Hyunsoo Joo, Jared Lee, Emily Louie-Meadors, Alana Wolfberg, Ellie Wright
Finalist Team: NMB ACES RED

12-Intermediate "A"

Champion Team: Florida Yacht Club Zone Team 12s (Jacksonville)
Captain: Susan Kirby
Players: Colin Sirbaugh, Julia Elizabeth Preuss, Lilly Finlayson Whitner, Amanda Thompson, Gillian Lee McKendree, Christopher Paul Stephens, Elise Marie Ballantyne, Louis John Ballantyne 

12-Intermediate "B"

Champion Team: Hufflepuff (Gainesville)
Captain: Robert Taylor
Players: Kensie Cricchio, Connor Donovan, Ivan Cedric Esguerra, Marcela Ifju, Trent Nichola, Nicholas Springer

12-Intermediate "C"

Champion Team: Ravenclaw (Gainesville)
Captain: Robert Taylor
Players: Miranda Anhalzer, Benjamin Brandt, Zachary Brandt, Shaman Marlin, Sophia Papa, Madison Sagas


Order of Finish: KELA KIDS (Lake City), Florida Yacht Club, Ocean Club Beginners, Salvadore, Gainesville Baseliners
Captain: Russ Waters
Players: Colin Kinch Broome, Jacob Bryan Zecher, Mason Newell Adkins, Brandon Helms, Brittany Helms, Kyria Michele-Marie Paphides, Cassidy Lear, Megan Marie Zahnle, Drew Perry, Gabrielle Perry, Sarah Katherine Lewis, Kalen James Biehl 

The next USTA Florida Section-level Jr. Team Tennis event will be the Jr. Team Tennis QuickStart Championship, April 29-30, 2011, in Tampa at Hillsborough Community College. For more information on USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis CLICK HERE.





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