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Collier, Duval, Pinellas Win Big at USTA Florida Super Senior League Chps.

April 16, 2012 02:45 PM
The women's 4.0 champions from Pinellas County
The women's 4.0 finalists from Collier County
The women's 3.5 champions from Duval County
The women's 3.5 finalists from Collier County
The women's 3.0 champions from Duval County
The women's 3.0 finalists from Sarasota/Manatee counties
The women's 4.5 Party Rock team
The women's 4.5 team from Duval County
The men's 4.5 champions from Pinellas County
The men's 4.5 finalists from Collier County
The men's 4.0 champions from Collier County
The men's 4.0 finalists from Escambia County
The men's 3.5 champions from Collier County
The men's 3.5 finalists from Hillsborough County
The men's 3.0 champions from Volusia/Flagler counties
 The men's 3.0 finalists from Collier County
Collier, Duval, and Pinellas county teams each swept to two titles over the weekend, with Volusia/Flagler also advancing to USTA League nationals during the 2012 USTA Florida Super Senior League Section Championships, held April 13-15, at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach.

Cities represented among the winners were Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach (Duval), Clearwater (Pinellas), Naples (Collier), and Daytona Beach (Volusia/Flagler).

Super Senior (age 60+) teams competed in men's and women's 3.0-4.5 divisions during the weekend. The Volusia/Flagler men's 3.0 and Pinellas men's 4.5 squads advance to nationals for the second straight year. The Pinellas men's 4.5 team finished with the same 2-1 win-loss as the Collier team in round robin play, but was crowned the champion when the tiebreaker came down to number of sets lost.

Here are the winners from the 2012 USTA Florida Super Senior League Section Championships:

Division: Women's 3.0
Winning Team:
Duval (3-0) finished ahead of Sarasota/Manatee (1-2) in round robin play
Team Home Facility: Southside Tennis Complex, Jacksonville, Fla.
Team Members: Bonnie Jo Laster (captain) , Barbara Riffel, Patricia Rae Setser, Beverley Thompson, Judy Gabler, Mariana Van Hyning, Cheryl Simmons, Linda Routh, Norma Pauline Buffone, Jessie Del Rosario 

Division: Women's 3.5
Winning Team:
Duval d. Collier 3-0 in final
Team Home Facility: Kraft Tennis Partners, Fernandina Beach, Fla.
Team Members: Carol Gilfillan (captain), Elizabeth Perry, Lois Brough, Diann Schindler, Kris Barger, Cynthia Ann Robertson, Sandy Mann, Mary Jo Hanlon, Nancy Barnes, Sue Gray Ragan, Deborah Hale, Rose Mary Jacobs 

Division: Women's 4.0
Winning Team:
Pinellas d. Collier 2-1 in final
Team Home Facility: City of Clearwater, Clearwater, Fla.
Team Members: Sandra Lamy (captain), Lynne Norring, Victoria Tuller, Carol Levin, Donna Dicus, Betty Johnson, Barbara Nicoll, Nancy Morgan, Patti Prestera, Frances Yacko, Mickie Gelestor, Deborah McCleery 

Division: Men's 3.0
Winning Team:
Volusia/Flagler (3-0) finished ahead of Collier (0-3) in round robin play
Team Home Facility: Florida Tennis Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.
Team Members: Bruce Cotten (captain), Bill Masters, Jim Zeisler, Claude Bigot, William Joseph Shea, Garrett Lane, Ken Gaines, Ronald Vedova, Roger King, Ned Rowley

Division: Men's 3.5
Winning Team:
Collier d. Hillsborough 3-0 in final
Team Home Facility: The Players Club & Spa, Naples, Fla.
Team Members: James Moore (captain), Patrick Monti, John Weatherwax, David Saks, Eik Klein, Paul Freeman, Gary Lefebvre, Bruce Houran, David Smith, Larry Weinstein, John Simpson

Division: Men's 4.0
Winning Team:
Collier d. Escambia 2-1 in final
Team Home Facility: The Strand, Naples, Fla.
Team Members: George Morton (captain), Thomas Morrison, David Siede, Richard Hoel, John Moter, Ronald Mutchnik, John Suter, James Gelhaar, Richard McNaughton, David Bushey, Jeffrey Macie, Tom Haas, Ronald Bartlett, Bob Boyson, John Weiss 

Division: Men's 4.5
Winning Team:
Pinellas (2-1) finished ahead of Collier (2-1) in round robin play (both teams had 2-1 win-loss records and 5-4 individual score win-losses, with the tiebreak coming down to Pinellas' eight sets lost vs. nine for Collier)
Team Home Facility: City of Clearwater, Clearwater, Fla.
Team Members: Terry Payton (captain), Richard Bruer, Ronald Massey, Peter Bretagne Bonfa, Mark Rosenfeld, Pat Siracusa, William Christensen, Anthony Ruggiero, William Rogers 
Two women’s 4.5 teams played their Local League at the Section Championship.  A team representing four different areas, Party Rock, captained by Joanne Collier, defeated a team representing Duval, captained by Peggy Grantham 4-1 to claim the title as Local League champion.  Party Rock will be representing USTA Florida at the 2012 Super Senior Nationals that will take place in April 2013.

The 2012 USTA League 6.0-9.0 Super Senior National Championships will take place in April 2013 at a location to be determined. 

The USTA Florida Super Senior division provides the same competitive play opportunities as the USTA Adult League, but for players age 60 and over. Participants compete in men's and women's doubles play in NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) divisions of 3.0-4.5. The format for the Super Senior league is three doubles positions, with a minimum of six different players required on a team.
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