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New January Tennis Parent Resources at 'Growing Champions for Life'

January 23, 2014 12:28 PM
Growing_ChampionsThis month's fresh tennis parent content is now available at the USTA Florida "Growing Champions for Life" website, a partnership with David Benzel's organization dedicated to creating cohesive families and principle-centered athletes who win at life, not just at sports.

New articles with additional audio and video include a simple four-step process for moving from good to great in any area of life -- the free webinar entitled "From Chump to Champ in Four Steps", online January 23rd. It provides valuable insights into the process and the pathway for generating a quantum leap in school, sports, or business!

Also available is this month's article, "Conquering the Fear of Failure" which explains three different levels of the emotional response to sub-par performances. You'll find your child has experienced one of more of the three levels. This month's Positive Parent Video, "Performance Peaks and Valleys" will help you understand and cope with what appears to be inconsistent performance levels. The perspective taught in this video will also help your child see the BIG picture of a personal-best score that's followed by a slump.

You'll also enjoy the audio interview with Jeff Deardorff -- professional baseball scout for the New York Yankees and a former pro baseball player. His story and perspective on pursuing a dream from Little League all the way to the pro level is inspiring and educational. He speaks candidly about his relationship with his dad and the lessons they learned together.

"Check out the whole page to find other resources that will help you create the most positive sport family environment possible!" Benzel says.

For more information go to www.florida.usta.com/youth_tennis/david_benzel_growing_champions_or_life.








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