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Orlando Area's Ealiane Joseph Named USTA Florida Volunteer of the Month

September 25, 2013 03:59 PM
JosephWorking in a shoe store in her first job out of college, Ocoee's (just west of Orlando) Ealiane Joseph decided her life needed to revolve less around shoes and more around her two passions -- fitness training and tennis.

The then-23 year old quit the shoe business and boldly stepped out to create her own personal training and fitness coaching business, Fusion Fitness, and started volunteering to coach USTA Jr. Team Tennis and 10 and Under Tennis players at the local Posh Rock Tennis Academy, housed at the Orange Tree Country Club in Orlando.

"Day after day [working in retail], I was unhappy with the job and unhappy with where my work life had ended up after going through school," she said. "So, I decided to change it by combining my gift for helping people with my passion for working out and a lifestyle of staying healthy and active."

At the Posh Rock Tennis Academy she found herself becoming more and more involved with the kids in the programs, which eventually required more training. She has attended several USTA Florida 10 and Under Tennis Workshops and become a champion of bringing kids into the game starting with smaller racquets, court sizes and lower-bouncing balls to make tennis more fun and accessible.

"My role while participating in Jr. Team Tennis events has been to teach the little ones and newcomers to the game the basic fundamentals, while presenting it in a fun way that would encourage more play time and a love for the sport," she says. "Also, I have had to organize a mini-tournament at the end of a program to allow kids to put to practice what they had learned."

The native of the Commonwealth of Dominica has also seen to the development of another up-and-coming player at the academy -- herself. After first taking up the game seriously in college in 2006, her USTA League team won their local league in 2011, a result that drives her to "keep my game in tune."
"I challenge the kids at PoshRock Tennis to matches in order to improve my game and give them the opportunity to beat up on their fitness coach," she says. "They take joy in that!"

She sees Jr. Team Tennis and the 10 and Under Tennis leagues and play days as a way for kids to put their experience to practice in a less threatening environment than competitive tournaments while experiencing team play.
"It's fun for the kids to feel like they are not the only ones out there that are new to the game, or still learning," she says. "It shows them that the level they are on is not a bad one, and that they will get to that upper level if they stick with it."

USTA Florida congratulates Ealiane Joseph as the September 2013 USTA Florida Volunteer of the Month. The shoe business's loss is tennis' gain in the Orlando area.
"Since 2010 when this journey of mine began and my involvement in the world of tennis became more active, it has just been fun, fun, fun," she says. "I love the kids, and I love the game!"

Birthplace: Commonwealth of Dominica
Family Members: Mother, 3 sisters, 1 brother
Favorite Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Travel: Commonwealth of Dominica
Favorite Shot: Forehand

My earliest tennis memory was..."in college at the University of the Virgin Islands when I took my first tennis course for fun with my cousin."

If I could play tennis with three people, they would be..."Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Rafael Nadal."

When I am not playing tennis I am..."Running, working out at the gym, or training someone."

My best-ever tennis memory is..."When I won my first championship in a USTA League."

I like to volunteer in tennis because..."It's fun. I get to learn more about the game and introduce people to the game. Being in the tennis environment allows me to meet others who enjoy the game or have some connection to it."





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