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PTR, USTA Florida Sign Landmark Tennis Agreement

August 19, 2013 01:21 PM
From left: PTR President Jorge Andrew and
USTA Florida President Bob Pfaender
Cementing an evolving relationship to grow the game of tennis in the state of Florida, PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) and the USTA Florida Section signed a Florida Partnership Agreement on Aug. 14, 2013, to acknowledge the commitment of the two organizations to working together to grow the game of tennis in the state of Florida.
"All of us in the USTA Florida Section are thrilled to have the PTR professionals in our state on board with us as partners in growing tennis together," said USTA Florida President Bob Pfaender. "We have so many great things happening in tennis in Florida, and this arrangement just puts the icing on the cake."
The partnership will feature programming and resources from USTA Florida, and the PTR's dedication to educating, certifying and servicing tennis teaching professionals in Florida, with shared resources and planning between both organizations.
"Florida is the No. 1 state in terms of PTR membership," said PTR CEO Dan Santorum. "So our partnership with USTA Florida will enable us to better serve our more than 1,000 PTR members in the state of Florida."
The collaborative effort will also enhance USTA Florida's Hispanic outreach campaign "Tenis para Todos" (Tennis for Everyone).
"Coming from a Spanish-speaking country in South America, I am thrilled that one of the USTA Florida strategic initiatives is improving Hispanic outreach in Florida," said PTR President Jorge Andrew.
Highlights of the Florida Partnership Agreement on the PTR side will be promotion and support of USTA Florida growth programs, and mutual involvement in PTR and USTA Florida conventions and annual meetings. USTA Florida will educate and inform PTR membership about programs, workshops, tournaments, volunteer positions and grant opportunities available to help grow tennis at their facilities; encourage the use of qualified PTR professionals as speakers/presenters at USTA workshops/meetings; continue to promote PTR certification workshops around the state; and participate in joint organizational conference calls to update progress and share best practices.
"As a past president of USTA Florida and PTR, I am excited to see this partnership come to fruition," said Jean Mills, director of tennis at the Polo Club in Boca Raton. "I am looking forward to working with both groups to make sure we maximize our relationship."
USTA Florida in June 2012 signed a similar partnership agreement with the United States Professional Tennis Association-Florida Division (USPTA Florida) during the USPTA Florida Annual Convention & USTA Florida Semi-Annual Meeting, held jointly at the Club Med-Sandpiper resort in Port St. Lucie, Fla.
"I am thrilled regarding our new partnership agreement with the PTR and look forward to promoting and developing tennis together," said USTA Florida Director of Competitive Tennis Jason Gilbert. "It's a very exciting time for Florida tennis."
Added USTA Florida Executive Director Doug Booth, "USTA Florida is proud to become a partner with PTR to help grow tennis working with all the PTR teaching professionals in Florida."
The USTA Florida and PTR partnership continues a spirit of collaboration in the tennis industry that last month saw a national agreement between the USPTA and PTR to align their tennis teaching programming in an effort to elevate the standards of tennis teaching professionals across the U.S. The collaborative effort included both associations embracing the pathway presented by the USTA for 10 and Under Tennis education by adhering to the minimum standards set in the curriculum and testing to be developed in Stage I and Stage II for all new professionals looking to become certified in 2014 and beyond.
PTR was founded in 1976, by world-renowned coach Dennis Van der Meer, who saw the need to develop a universal language and progressions for tennis teaching. PTR Membership offers unparalleled educational materials, opportunities, career assistance and most importantly, worldwide recognition and respect. PTR also provides members with numerous benefits to assist them in their career as a tennis teaching professional and/or coach. With members in 117 countries, PTR's mission is to educate, certify and service tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game. For more information go to www.ptrtennis.org.
Established in 1949, USTA Florida is a section of the United States Tennis Association. It is a not-for-profit volunteer organization with more than 50,000 members, 1,000 organizational members and a $4.0 million budget. As the official governing body of tennis in Florida, USTA Florida operates from an executive office in Daytona Beach with 27 staff members and more than 600 volunteers throughout the state working towards a mission to promote and develop tennis in Florida. To learn more about USTA Florida visit www.ustaflorida.com.

PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT -- Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), United States Tennis Association (USTA)-Florida Section

This agreement between the PTR and the USTA Florida section, is designed to acknowledge the fact that our two organizations are committed to growing the game of tennis together in the state of Florida. USTA Florida is the governing body of tennis that helps provide programming and resources for those interested in growing participation at all ages in the game of tennis. PTR is an international professional tennis teaching organization dedicated to educating, certifying and servicing tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game.
Both organizations agree to the following steps to begin our partnership:
I. PTR agrees to support and recommend USTA Florida programs to their membership.
II. PTR will provide an opportunity/vehicle for direct communication to their members on USTA Florida initiatives.
III. PTR will recommend that their members become USTA members.
IV. PTR will offer USTA Florida one agreed upon featured speaker or time slot for a presentation at PTR conventions.
V. PTR leadership will be invited as guests to the USTA Florida annual meeting in December of each year.
I. USTA Florida agrees to help educate and inform the PTR membership about programs, workshops, tournaments, volunteer positions and grant opportunities available to help grow tennis at their facilities.
II. USTA Florida would like to sponsor an event, or series of events, that are key for PTR members in Florida.
III. USTA Florida will agree to offer PTR Florida professionals the opportunity to apply for grant dollars to begin a 10 & under tennis program in their community.
IV. USTA Florida will encourage the use of qualified PTR professionals as speakers/presenters at USTA workshops/meetings.
V. USTA Florida will highlight PTR expertise in the delivery of our game as a link from our web site.
VI. USTA Florida agree to promote PTR certification workshops around the state.
VII. USTA Florida Tennis Program Coordinators and PTR will have a January and July conference call to update one another on upcoming events.


Este acuerdo entre PTR y la sección de la USTA Florida esta designado a reconocer el hecho que nuestras dos organizaciones están comprometidas a trabajar juntas, para crecer el deporte del tenis en el estado de la Florida. La USTA Florida es la entidad gobernante del tenis que ayuda a proporcionar recursos para aquellos que estén interesados en aumentar la participación de personas de todas las edades en este deporte. PTR es una organización internacional de la enseñanza profesional de tenis, dedicada a educar, certificar y servir a profesores y entrenadores alrededor del mundo con el fin de crecer este deporte.
Ambas organizaciones se comprometen a lo siguientes pasos para comenzar el acuerdo:
I. PTR se compromete a apoyar y recomendar programas de la USTA Florida a sus miembros.
II. PTR proporcionará una oportunidad y medio de comunicación directo con sus miembros acerca de las iniciativas de USTA Florida.
III. PTR recomendará que sus miembros se conviertan en miembros de la USTA
IV. PTR ofrecerá un presentador de mutuo acuerdo o un espacio de tiempo a la USTA Florida para una presentación en convenciones de la PTR.
V. Los líderes de PTR serán invitados a la reunión anual de la USTA Florida en Diciembre de cada año.
I. USTA Florida se compromete a ayudar a educar e informar a los miembros de la PTR sobre programas, talleres, torneos, posiciones para voluntarios y oportunidades de subsidios disponibles para ayudar a crecer el tenis en sus sedes y clubes.
II. La USTA Florida estará interesada en patrocinar un evento o series de eventos claves para los miembros de la PTR en la Florida.
III. USTA Florida se comprometerá a ofrecer a profesionales de PTR de la Florida la oportunidad de aplicar a fondos de subsidio disponibles para empezar un programa de 10 & Under Tennis (10 años y menores) en sus comunidades.
IV. USTA Florida fomentará el uso de profesionales calificados de la PTR como presentadores durante talleres/reuniones de la USTA.
V. USTA Florida resaltará la experiencia de la PTR en los procesos de formación y enseñanza de nuestro deporte a través de un enlace ubicado en nuestra página web.
VI. USTA Florida se compromete a promover los talleres y capacitaciones de certificación PTR alrededor del estado.
VII. Los Coordinadores de Programas de Tenis (TPC's) de la USTA Florida y de la PTR tendrán una teleconferencia en Enero y Julio para actualizarse sobre próximos eventos.





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