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Tallahassee Team 3rd at USTA League Mixed 18 & Over Nationals

November 26, 2013 09:19 AM
mediawall-Tall-mixed-18-nationals-3rdRepresenting the USTA Florida Section at the 2013 USTA League Mixed 18 & Over 6.0, 8.0 & 10.0 National Championships, a team from Tallahassee placed third in the Mixed 8.0 division at the championships held on Nov. 22-24. The Mixed 18 & Over 6.0, 8.0 & 10.0 National Championships took place at the Jim Reffkin Tennis Center in Tucson, Ariz.

The team out of the Forestmeadows Park and Athletic Center in Tallahassee defeated the USTA Mid Atlantic Section (Fairfax, Va.) team 2-1 in the 3rd/4th place playoff. In the previous semifinals the Tallahassee squad lost 2-1 to the USTA Eastern Section (Manhattan, N.Y.) team, which went on to defeat USTA Texas (Dallas) in the championship match.

The Tallahassee squad advanced to the semifinals by winning their round-robin flight contested Friday and Saturday.

The roster of the Tallahassee team was comprised of Nathalie Portmann (captain), Diana Johnson, Larry Johnson, Dave Newberry, Robert Lumsden, Lori Elliott, Jennifer Kjellerup, Christopher Corum, Elaine Rudd, Travis Sykes, and Brenda O'Kelley.

The USTA League Mixed Doubles is for men and women 18 years of age and older. Teams are formed by combining the two player's individual National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) ratings. The team's total rating must equal their team level: 2.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0. The total NTRP rating cannot exceed the level of the team. For example, a 7.0 team could be a combination of two 3.5 players, or one 4.0 partner and one 3.0 partner. Play format consists of three doubles matches.

Established in 1980, USTA League has grown from 13,000 participants in a few parts of the country in its first year, to over 820,000 players across the nation today, making it the world's largest recreational tennis league. USTA League was established to provide adult recreational tennis players throughout the country with the opportunity to compete against players of similar ability levels. 

Beginning with the 2013 National Championship season, USTA League changed its structure and format. The change offers USTA League participants age categories (Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over and Adult 55 & Over and Mixed 18 & Over) to better align participants with players their own age. The restructuring guarantees more frequency of play opportunities at more appropriate age groups.

For more info on USTA League go to www.usta.com.






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