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Winners Crowned at USTA Florida Combo 18 & Over (5.5/7.5/9.5) League Tennis Chps.

January 21, 2014 02:17 PM
Orange/Seminole counties (Orlando, Maitland) captured two titles, while Alachua County (Gainesville), South Miami-Dade (Doral), and Hillsborough County (Tampa) were also USTA Florida Sectionals title winners at the USTA Florida Combo 18 & Over (5.5/7.5/9.5) League Tennis Championships, held Jan. 17-19, 2014, at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach.

Orange/Seminole counties and the women from the Fort Gatlin Recreation Center kept Marion County from a second consecutive title in the Women's 5.5 division, defeating the women from the Fort King Tennis Center in Ocala in the final. Marion County went 0-2 in finals, also finishing runner-up in the Men's 7.5 division. Alachua County in addition to capturing a title was also runner-up in the Men's 9.5 division.

Forty-nine teams representing 21 counties or regions participated in the USTA Florida Combo 18 & Over (5.5/7.5/9.5) League Tennis Championships, including the counties or regions of Alachua, Brevard, Broward, Collier, Duval, Escambia, Hillsborough, Indian River, Indian River/Martin, Lee/Charlotte, Leon, Marion, North Miami-Dade, North Palm Beach, Orange/Seminole, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota/Manatee, South Miami-Dade, South Palm Beach, and Volusia.

Competing teams advanced to the sectional championships by winning local USTA League play.

Winning teams and finalists from the weekend:

Combo Women's 5.5 Division
Orange/Seminole counties (Fort Gatlin Recreation Center, Orlando) d. Marion County (Fort King Tennis Center, Ocala) 2-1
Match Scores:
No. 1 Doubles: Mary Ann Ballelos/Kim Han (Orange/Seminole) d. Nneka Nwakoby/Wendy MacMurray 6-3, 6-0 
No. 2 Doubles: Jean Zambrano/Rianne Montenegro Sanchez (Orange/Seminole) d. Hollie Powell/Rebekah Feldman 6-7, 6-2, 1-0 (super-tiebreak) 
No. 3 Doubles: Amy Gibboney/Kimberly Davis (Marion) d. Rebecca Van Reken/Arlene Valdez 7-6, 7-5 
Championship Team Roster: Kim Han (captain), Rebecca Van Reken, Mary Montenegro Ballelos, Rosario Narciso, Yillah Candelario, Melanie Fiestan, Manuela Crisostomo, Karin Hammond, Jean Zambrano, Arlene Valdez, Rianne Montenegro Sanchez, Yolanda Vega, Thelma Laqui 

The Combo Women's 5.5 division champions from Orlando
The Combo Women's 5.5 division finalists from Ocala

Combo Women's 7.5 Division
Orange/Seminole counties (Maitland Community Park, Maitland) d. Duval County (Huguenot Park, Jacksonville Beach) 2-1
Match Scores:
No. 1 Doubles: Christina Poston/Annalee Lansang (Duval) d. Jessica Hendrix/Cherri Hendrix 6-3, 1-6, 1-0 (super-tiebreak) 
No. 2 Doubles: Katherine Grady/Cristina Shams (Orange/Seminole) d. Marcy Dragotta/Bianca Roos 6-1, 6-0 
No. 3 Doubles: Raquel Hair/Marcia Waldron (Orange/Seminole) d. Pilar Spies/Jaime Gibbs 6-3, 6-4 
Championship Team Roster: Kyrsten Crociata (captain), Julie Sutphin, Stephanie Weinard, Laura Benson, Katherine Grady, Cherri Hendrix, Marcia Waldron, Jessica Hendrix, Cristina Shams, Raquel Hair 

The Combo Women's 7.5 division champions from Maitland
The Combo Women's 7.5 division finalists from Jacksonville Beach

Combo Men's 5.5 Division
Alachua County (Westside Park, Gainesville) 4-0 finished ahead of Leon County (Tom Brown Park, Tallahassee) 2-2 in round robin play
Championship Team Roster: Bradley Canaday (captain), Dan Nguyen, Bettchiben Meneses, Paul Iwanaga, John Barli, Philip Lancaster, Daniel Wright, Albert Sloan, John Stewart, Jixiu Shan, John Bullivant, Nolan Wissel, Arne Reykowski, Ed Stark 

The Combo Men's 5.5 champions from Gainesville
The Combo Men's 5.5 finalists from Tallahassee

Combo Men's 7.5 Division
South Miami-Dade (Doral Park Country Club, Doral) d. Marion County (Country Club of Ocala) 2-1
Match Scores:
No. 1 Doubles: Cosme Barrios/Patrick Kettel (SMD) d. John Nardandrea/Bob Hatcher 6-3, 6-1 
No. 2 Doubles: Robert Gilman/August Greiner (Marion) d. Guillermo Brito/Santiago Anda 6-1, 6-2 
No. 3 Doubles: Jairo Furniel/Gustavo Alvarez (SMD) d. Philip Libby/Tony Mendola 6-2, 6-4 
Championship Team Roster: Armando Cabane (captain), Jairo Furniel, Patrick Dyer, Eli Panell, Cristian Mateluna, Cosme Barrios, Patrick Kettel, Santiago Anda, Guillermo Brito, Carlos Miyares, Julio Jimenez, Mario Montero, James Kettel, Gustavo Alvarez, Alberto Pierini, Ricardo Negrete, Franco Palmiotto, Francisco Malavet 

The Combo Men's 7.5 division champions from Doral
The Combo Men's 7.5 division finalists from Ocala

Combo Men's 9.5 Division
Hillsborough County (Hunter's Green Sports Center, Tampa) 4-0 finished ahead of Alachua County (Jonesville Tennis Center, Gainesville) 2-2 in round robin play
Championship Team Roster: Jonathan Collazo, Luis Pina, Cesar Morales, Gibran Gutierrez, Eric Girard, Ignacio Molina, Gerardo Cuevas, Yarek Orsini, Corey Forrest, Randolph Gibson, Rogerio Bigio, Hector Arroyo, Diego Rojas

The Combo Men's 9.5 division champions from Tampa
The Combo Men's 9.5 division finalists from Gainesville

For Combo 18 & Over 5.5/7.5/9.5 division play, the combined NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) ratings of each doubles team may not exceed the level in which they are competing, and the NTRP rating difference between members of an individual doubles pair may not exceed 0.5. For more information on NTRP levels go to www.usta.com/Adult-Tennis/USTA-League/Information/About_NTRP.
Beginning with the 2013 National Championship season, USTA League changed its national structure and format. The change offers USTA League participants age categories (Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over, and Adult 55 & Over and Mixed 18 & Over) to better align participants with players their own age and ability. The restructuring guarantees more frequency of play opportunities at more appropriate age groups.

For more information on the Combo 18 & Over League Tennis Championships go to www.ustaflorida.com/leagues.





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