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Preview: USTA Florida Combo League Adult Tennis Championships

January 10, 2011 12:37 PM
M 7 5 Adult Combo Champions
The Men's 7.5 Division champions from Tallahassee in 2009
While the year 2010 has come to an end, there remains one USTA League tennis championship to be determined -- the 2010 USTA Florida Combo League Adult Championships, to be held on the weekends of Jan. 14-16 and Jan. 21-23, 2011, at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach. The men's and women's 6.5 and 7.5 championships will be Jan. 14-16, while the men's and women's 5.5 and 8.5, men's 9.5, senior men's and women's 6.5 and 7.5, and senior women's 8.5 championships will be on Jan. 21-23.

Teams from Brevard County, Broward County, Emerald Coast, Gainesville/Lake City, Hillsborough County, Jacksonville, Lee/Charlotte counties, Naples, North Miami/Dade, Ocala, Orlando, Pensacola, Pinellas County, Polk County, Sarasota/Manatee counties, South Miami/Dade, Tallahassee, Treasure Coast, and Volusia/Flagler counties, 19 different cities/counties in all, will compete for championships in five men's and four women's adult divisions, and five senior divisions.

Gainesville/Lake City is the only region to qualify teams for all nine adult division championships over the two weekends, and four of the five senior divisions. Pinellas County is the only region to qualify teams in all five senior divisions.

Defending champions from 2009:

Men 5.5 -- Ocala
Men 6.5 -- Jacksonville
Men 7.5 -- Tallahassee
Men 8.5 -- Tampa *
Men 9.5 -- new division

Women 5.5 -- Ocala
Women 6.5 -- Jacksonville
Women 7.5 -- North Palm Beach *
Women 8.5 -- Broward County

Senior Men 6.5 -- Lee/Charlotte counties
Senior Men 7.5 -- Polk County

Senior Women 6.5 -- South Miami/Dade *
Senior Women 7.5 -- Jacksonville
Senior Women 8.5 -- new division

* Did not qualify for the sectional championship in 2010

Here are the teams contesting the 2010 finals of the USTA Florida Combo League Adult Championships:

2010 USTA Florida Combo League Adult Championships
Jan. 14-16, 2011

Men's 6.5 Division -- Brevard County (Captain: Sonny Westmoreland), Gainesville/Lake City (Gabriel Ghita), Jacksonville (Daniel Yeung), Lee/Charlotte (David Binkley), Naples (Randie Fischel), Ocala (John Wheeler), Pensacola (John Wimberly), Pinellas County (Pat Augustine).

Men's 7.5 Division -- Brevard County (Captain: Keith Howard), Broward County (Luis Reveiz), Gainesville/Lake City (Mark Martin), Hillsborough County (Sylvain Gauthier), Jacksonville (Norman Barelare), Lee/Charlotte counties (Orestes Delgado), Naples (Randie Fischel), Ocala (Joel Smith), Orlando (Terry Montville), Pensacola (Gordon Paulus), Pinellas County (Sten Tallarida), Polk County (James Whitaker), Sarasota/Manatee counties (James Williamson), South Miami/Dade (Raul Moskovitz), Tallahassee (Travis Sykes), Treasure Coast (Kenneth Cisneros).

Women's 6.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Marla Ambrose), Hillsborough County (Jodi Schreiber), Jacksonville (Julie Stofan), Lee/Charlotte counties (Joan Lake), Naples (Cynde Thompson), Ocala (Tanya Katzen), Orlando (Stephanie Schwartzberg), Pensacola (Josette Goyins), Pinellas County (Ana Maria Jara), Polk County (Jeanette Dickson), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Kelly Lee), South Miami/Dade (Sandra Ubillus), Tallahassee (Denean Sykes), Treasure Coast (Sandy Palma), Volusia/Flagler counties (Susan Holmes).

Women 7.5 Division -- Brevard County (Captain: Jackie Campbell), Emerald Coast (Michelle Walker), Gainesville/Lake City (Elizabeth Smith), Hillsborough County (Cealene Stone), Jacksonville (Marla Steiner), Lee/Charlotte counties (Diana Goode), Naples (Fia Carter), North Miami/Dade (Tania Gaibor), Ocala (Kimberly Scudder), Orlando (Colleen Smith), Pensacola (Ashley Self), Pinellas County (Laurie Foti), Polk County (Anita Simon), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Cheri Williamson), South Miami/Dade (Nina Lindsey), Tallahassee (Jacqueline Larson), Treasure Coast (Michele Jarvis), Volusia/Flagler counties (Nancy Eddy).

2010 USTA Florida Combo League Adult Championships
Jan. 21-23, 2011

Men 5.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Mark Martin), Ocala (Dwayne Molock), Tallahassee (Douglas Brandt).

Men 8.5 Division -- Brevard County (Captain: Robert Buck), Broward County (Daniel Harwin), Emerald Coast (Erik Stenberg), Gainesville/Lake City (Newell Fox), Hillsborough County (Jose Orsini), Jacksonville (Eric Latak), Lee/Charlotte counties (Ken Ebersole), Pensacola (Calvin Moore), Pinellas County (Frankie Hennessey), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Mick Behr), South Miami/Dade (Rene Ramos), Tallahassee (Lincoln Quinton), Treasure Coast (Phil Redstone).

Men 9.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Dave Porter), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Nate Griffin), Treasure Coast (Lloyd Klusendorf).

Women 5.5 Division -- Brevard County (Captain: Liz Rebadow), Gainesville/Lake City (Anne Koterba), Jacksonville (Tameka Bezue-Jackson), Ocala (Christine Godek), Pensacola (Kathy Worley), Polk County (Sara Margeson), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Lance Martin), South Miami/Dade (Barbara Gary), Tallahassee (Denean Sykes), Volusia/Flagler counties (Jaime Devis).

Women 8.5 Division -- Broward County (Captain: Theresa Caruso), Gainesville/Lake City (Lynn Godwin), Hillsborough County (Marie Teixeria), Jacksonville (Kelly Googe), Lee/Charlotte counties (Debra White), Ocala (Susan Garrick), Pensacola (Kara Rich), Pinellas County (Valerie Schaefer), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Lauren Ash), South Miami/Dade (Deanna Rasco), Tallahassee (Nathalie Portmann), Treasure Coast (Elizabeth Kenney).

Senior Men 6.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Ben Smith), Lee/Charlotte counties (Wolf Tschaikowsky), Ocala (Paul Fusco), Pinellas County (Barry Wood).

Senior Men 7.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Daniel Fulton), Hillsborough County (Jay Bortner), Jacksonville (David Boehm), Lee/Charlotte counties (Steve Alonzi), Pinellas County (Sten Tallrida), Polk County (John Zeuli), South Miami/Dade (Raul Moskovitz).

Senior Women 6.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Elizabeth Smith), Hillsborough County (Lynn Seevers), Naples (Priscilla Mullvain), Ocala (Marjorie McLellan), Pinellas County (Leslie Vann), Polk County (Jeanette Dickson), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Lance Martin), Tallahassee (Linda Frazier).

Senior Women 7.5 Division -- Gainesville/Lake City (Captain: Becky Bates), Hillsborough County (Arlene Maloney), Jacksonville (Kathleen McClymont), Lee/Charlotte counties (Sandy Brandt), Naples (Minok Allen), Ocala (April Manley), Pinellas County (Kathy Casteel), Polk County (Nanette Hartmann), Sarasota/Manatee counties (Sandy Schonhoff), Treasure Coast (Barbara McIntyre).

Senior Women 8.5 Division -- Hillsborough County (Captain: Phylis Albritton), Ocala (Kathy Hatfield), Pinellas County (Ann Worthington), Tallahassee (Dale McColskey).

Defending champions in bold.






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