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Watson, Stewart, Oosterhout Double-up at USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles Chp.

September 28, 2010 08:40 AM
From left: Boys' 18 runners-up Brian Kowalski and Colin Edwards, and champions Brett Clark and Gordon Watson
From left: Girls' 18 champions Julia Jones and Danielle Collins, and runners-up Carolyn Chupa and Lindsay Graff
From left: Mixed 18 runners-up Cristobal Ramos and Maci Epstein, and champions Lindsay Graff and Gordon Watson
From left: Boys' 16 champions Arsav and Arnav Mohanty, and runners-up Brett Landau and Christopher Perrigan
From left: Girls' 16 champions Brittany Lindl and Josie Kuhlman, and runners-up Lisa May and Alexa Ricci
From left: Mixed 16 champions Claire Andrews and Alexander Saltiel
From left: Boys' 14 champions Chase Perez-Blanco and Javier Restrepo, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up Jake Stefanik and Michael Plutt
girls 14-web
From left: Girls' 14 champions Julieta Dalmau and Katerina Stewart, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up
Mia Horvit and Valerie Trench
Mixed 14-web
From left: Mixed 14 champions Katerina Stewart and Shaun Berman, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up 
Mia Horvit and David Crisovan
Boys 12-web
From left: Boys' 12 champions Davey Roberts and Robert Loeb, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up
Vasil Kirkov and Alexander Del Corral
Girls 12-web
From left: Girls' 12 champions Alyssa Pujals and Erica Oosterhout, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up Magdalena Dobinda and Danielle Obolevitch
Mixed 12-web
From left: Mixed 12 champions Erica Oosterhout and Jason Legall, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up
Davey Roberts and Magdalena Dobinda
From left: Boys' 10 champions Juan Delasa and Russell Benkaim,
USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up
Jordi Redelijk and Christian Alson
Girls 10-web
From left: Girls' 10 runners-up Hailey McGahee and Emma Decoste, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and
champions Zoe Hitt and Jessica Stefan
Mixed 10-web
From left: Mixed 10 champions Christian Alson and Sophia Edwards, USTA Florida's Andy Gladstone, and runners-up
Emma Decoste and Michael Heller
Florida's Jr. State Doubles champions for 2010 were crowned on Monday in boys' and girls' 18-10 divisions during the USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles 14,12,10 Championships, held at the Florida Tennis Center in Daytona Beach, and the USTA Florida Jr. State Doubles 18 & 16 Championships at Sanlando Park in Altamonte Springs, both on Sept. 25-27.

The 62nd USTA Florida Jr. State Closed Championship represented some of the best junior tennis players in the strongest of the 17 USTA sections across the country. The USTA Florida Jr. State Closed Championship is one of the few major events that combine boys', girls', and mixed doubles in the same event.

"This event is wonderful because the mixed doubles gets the kids interacting and increases their social skills," said legendary USTA Florida tournament organizer Bobby Curtis, who helped launch the tournament in 1952, three years after USTA Florida was established. "The event used to be combined with the singles, but it became it's own event and a great social event that the kids really enjoy."

Naples' Gordon Watson was among the highlights, winning the Boys' 18 doubles title with fellow Naples resident Brett Clark as the No. 3 seeds, then winning the Mixed 18 title with Lindsay Graff of Ft. Lauderdale. Graff was also runner-up in the Girls' 18 final with Bradenton's Carolyn Chupa, as the No. 2 seeds losing to No. 1s Danielle Collins/Julia Jones (St. Petersburg/Largo).

Earlier this year Watson also won the USTA Florida State Closed Singles title in the Boys' 16 division.

Miami's Katerina Stewart won the Girls' 14 doubles title as an unseeded pair with Coral Gables' Julieta Dalmau, ousting top seeds Mia Horvit/Valerie Trench (Parkland/Weston). Stewart then teamed with fellow Miami resident Shaun Berman, as the No. 2 seeds upsetting the top-seeded duo of David Crisovan/Mia Horvit (Hallandale Beach/Parkland) for the Mixed 14 title.

Stewart and Dalmau were the only unseeded team to capture a title during the event.

Miami's Javier Restrepo won the Boys' 14 doubles title as the No. 1 seed with fellow Miami resident Chase Perez-Blanco, adding to his State Closed Singles title in the Boys' 14 division earlier this year.

Tampa's Erica Oosterhout was another double winner, taking the Girls' 12 title as the top seed with Pinecreat's Alyssa Pujals, then winning the Mixed 12 title with Jason Legall of Palm Coast. Oosterhout denied a double win by Palm Coast's Davey Roberts, who captured the Boys' 12 title as the No. 3 seed with Ponte Vedra Beach's Robert Loeb, but then lost in the Mixed 12 final with Deerfield Beach's Magdalena Dobina (who also lost in the Girls' 12 final).

Here are all the winners from the 2010 USTA Florida Jr. State Closed Doubles Championships:

Boys' 18 Doubles
(3) Brett Clark/Gordon Watson (Naples) d. (5) Colin Edwards/Brian Kowalski (Valrico/Tampa) 8-0

Girls' 18 Doubles
(1) Danielle Collins/Julia Jones (St. Petersburg/Largo) d. (2) Carolyn Chupa/Lindsay Graff (Bradenton/Ft. Lauderdale) 8-2
Mixed 18 Doubles
(1) Lindsay Graff/Gordon Watson (Ft. Lauderdale/Naples) d. Maci Epstein/Cristobal Ramos (Windermere/Winter Park) 8-6

Boys' 16 Doubles
(5) Arnav Mohanty/Arsav Mohanty (Lakewood Ranch) d. Brett Landau/Christopher Perrigan (Tallahassee) 8-6

Girls' 16 Doubles
(1) Josie Kuhlman/Brittany Lindl (Ponte Vedra Beach/Panama City) d. (3) Lisa May/Alexa Ricci (Oviedo/Longwood) 8-6

Mixed 16 Doubles
(3) Claire Mitchell Andrews/Alexander Saltiel (Tampa/St. Petersburg) d. (1) Tristan Kaye/Amy Lowther (Tampa/Seminole)  8-6

Boys' 14 Doubles
(1) Chase Perez-Blanco/Javier Restrepo (Miami) d. (5) Michael Plutt/Jake Stefanik (Weston/Coral Springs) 6-3, 6-3
Girls' 14 Doubles
Julieta Dalmau/Katerina Stewart (Coral Gables/Miami) d. (1) Mia Horvit/Valerie Trench (Parkland/Weston) 6-4, 6-4
Mixed 14 Doubles
(2) Shaun Berman/Katerina Stewart (Miami) d. (1) David Crisovan/Mia Horvit (Hallandale Beach/Parkland) 6-3, 6-4

Boys' 12 Doubles
(3) Robert Loeb/Davey Roberts (Ponte Vedra Beach/Palm Coast) d. (1) Alexander Del Corral/Vasil Kirkov (Doral/Tampa) 3-6, 7-6, 10-8
Girls' 12 Doubles
(1) Erica Oosterhout/Alyssa Pujals (Tampa/Pinecrest) d. (2) Magdalena Dobinda/Danielle Obolevitch (Deerfield Beach/Sunny Isles Beach) 6-2, 6-3
Mixed 12 Doubles
(1) Jason Legall/Erica Oosterhout (Palm Coast/Tampa) d. (2) Magdalena Dobinda/Davey Roberts (Deerfield Beach/Palm Coast) 6-2, 6-3

Boys' 10 Doubles
(2) Russell Benkaim/Juan Delasa (Osprey/Key Biscayne) d. (3) Christian Alshon/Jordi Redelijk (Boca Raton/Windermere) 4-6, 6-3, 10-6
Girls' 10 Doubles
(1) Zoe Hitt/Jessica Stefan (Princeton/South Pasadena) d. (2) Emma Decoste/Hailey McGahee (Stuart/Jensen Beach) 6-3, 6-4

Mixed 10 Doubles
(2) Christian Alshon/Sophia Edwards (Boca Raton/Sarasota) d. (1) Emma Decoste/Michael Heller (Stuart/Weston) 6-4, 7-5






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