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Weekend Florida Tennis Blog -- ITF Seniors World Championships

April 3, 2010 07:00 PM
ITF Seniors World Team Championships, March 29-April 3, 2010, Mexico City, Mexico

By Trish Riddell, April 2 -- Friday

DAY 5: Sorry I missed day four but I shall certainly try to recapture it!!  Estonia -  #2 singles begins at 10am.  Estonia got off to a fast start and built a 4-0 lead.  Michelle picked it up and came back to win the first set 7-5.  The second set went back and forth and ended in Estonia's favor 6-4.  The third was another back and forth battle with some long scrambling points.  Estonia took that set 6-3 and thus the first point.  The match lasted 3 hours!!  I went on for number one singles and my opponent had one of the biggest forehands I have ever faced!! Thankfully she hit as many in as out and I won the first set 6-2, then more in than out and I lost the second 6-2, I was determined not to loose this match and the tie and prevailed 6-2 in the third set, putting one more ball in the court often pays off! 

This evened up the tie 1-1.  After a little discussion, we decided that Mary and Michelle should play the doubles.  Estonia only has two players and had played every day - they must have begun to tire a little, maybe?  We took a quick start and finally won the first set 6-4.  Just like in my singles, Ms. forehand began to make a few more shots and her partner was a good doubles player with fast hands and great angles and they won the second set 6-1.  The deciding match and the deciding set..........more returns in play and less errors and I'm convinced a little fatigue on the other side of the net helped the USA to a 6-3 win - YAY!  Long day but well worth it - 6pm!  Eight hours of intense battling on the court and fierce support on the sideline.

As soon as we returned to the hotel we had to get ready for the Gala Dinner, the buses departed at 7:30.  The dinner was held at a facility that was once a monestary (Viscanyana), and now often used for large important events.  It was a very impressive setting and beautfully set up.  Unfortunately, repetitious of the opening ceremonies, the speeches were a little long and our food was not even served until 9;30!!  most people had a few bites and headed out - big matches to get ready for on Friday.  Now you can see why I did not write this last night!

Day 5 was another day off, but we returned to the courts for a little hitting and to watch Great Britain against France, the final since Great Britain had beaten Spain, the number two seed yesterday.  France was the number one seed.  We practiced for about an hour and began to watch some great tennis, Great Britain won both singles therefore won the Lenglen Cup - Congrats to them, they played awesome.  It sometimes makes the lose a little easier when it is to the eventual winners. 
Final match - we face South Africa tomorrow.  They played Estonia today and lost 2-1.  We anticipate another competitive match and look forward to finishing on a winning note.  GO USA!!!

By Carolyn Nichols, April 2 -- Friday


It was a long day of good tennis in Mexico City today. We (the USA women’s 55 team, the Maureen Connolly Cup) played Great Britain. This was the same match up that occurred in 2009 in Mallorca. The British team remained basically unchanged with Frances Candy at #1, Sally Freeman at #2 and Frances and Pauline Fisher in any deciding doubles match. Kerry Young woke up ill today, she caught some bug, and came out to watch, and helped coach, but couldn’t play and was pretty sick. Everyone else was ready to go. I started against Sally on Court 1, the first time we’d played on the first court. It was in good shape, though after about 20 minutes was dusty and fast in the back court. I’d played Sally a couple of times and we’d had tough matches, but I had won and this time was similar. I won the first set 62, but Sally played a good second set which I managed to win 63. This was the first match in which I’d had a lot of long rallies and I can still feel the fact that we are at 7300 feet!

Tina was up next. She lost to Frances in Mallorca last year so we were all watching attentively. Tina had a set point in the first set at 54, but didn’t convert and ended up losing it 75. She went down 41 in the second set and Frances netted a volley which would have put her up 51 in the second. Tina started serving better and better and playing more consistently after that, and Frances got tight. Tina won the next 5 games to win the set 64 and then played a great third set to win it 62 to clinch the tie. She had played nearly three hours, so Sherri and I played the doubles against Pauline and Jane, the Brits’ 4th player, who was quite good. They had a set point in the first set on my serve (I had the score wrong and didn’t know it was set point, fortunately, hit a good serve…) but we rallied to win 75 64, good match.

We play Netherlands tomorrow. They won long three set matches at #1 and #2 singles against France to put them in the final. They will be very tough opponents tomorrow. I will probably play Elly Appel, who actually lives in Virgiinia and Tina will play Nora Blom, a smooth lefty.

In other play today, the USA women are doing GREAT! We are in the final of the 40, 45, 50 and 55 Cups, and also in the men’s 40 final and I think in the men’s 50 final…they split their singles and were playing doubles when the 50 women left and I haven’t found out yet how they are doing.

The men’s 40s upset Italy 2/1. Rick Kepler, a super aggressive lefty, known more for doubles is playing #2 singles and according to the captain, Curtis Dunn, frustrating his opponents on the fast courts here. He combined with Morgan Shepherd to win the deciding doubles point too.

The USA women’s 40 & 50 teams won both singles and are in the final against the top seeds. The 45s dropped the #2 singles point, but Gretchen Magers held on to win at #1 and combined with Renata Marcinkowska to win the doubles.

Kerry Young Kerry, Tina, Sherri, me Men's 45 team, Men's 50 team, Adams, Fedderly, Tamment, Persons Sherri serve Sherri, Carolyn vs Pauline and Jane Tina and Rosa better 35s men's team 35s team 40s Men's team, Shephard, Kepler, Dunn, Wolf 40s team, Alcini, McKenna, Kaleel, Cass 45s team, Renata, Mariana, Fran, Gretchen 50s team, Susan, Robin, Tracey, Diane better 55s men's team, Bennett, Robinson, Smith, Bouquin CAN backhand-1 Carolyn and Marta,Spain Carolyn and Sally before GB match IMG_0043










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