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Pinellas County USTA Jr. Team Tennis


 Season Runs October 14th thru December 2012

Teams will have a MINIMUM of 5 matches.  Schedule is based on the number of teams per division.



Pinellas County Coordinator     

Michelle Brown                                386-671-8937                     brownm@florida.usta.com

Carla Williams                                  216-406-8627                      williams@florida.usta.comRegister to


Registration Information

Become a Coach/Captain


TEAMS U8 to U18 - 6 Players are needed to form a competitive team.  You can have 4 players to register as a local team and add additional players during the season.  Players must be registered prior to their first match of the season.  Players may be added at any time (1) prior to the player’s first match or (2) prior to the season registration deadline.  It’s helpful to know the commitment level of your players and parent assistance abilities to see if you need a larger team.  The team may be all one gender or mixed.  If you are competitive team, registering for Winter USTA JTT State Sectionals in Plantation, you need 3 girls and 3 boys to qualify.

HOME TEAM CAPTAIN CONFIRM YOUR MATCH BY PHONE minimum 3 days in advance.  This is to insure a full roster of players and may determine strength to give your team fair competition.  DO NOT RELY ON EMAIL/TEXTING to confirm, cancels, or reschedules matches.  Stay in phone contact if there are pending weather issues or traffic delays.   List of all captain contacts is found on your Match Schedule which is located on TennisLink (Jr. Team Tennis) homepage.

CAPTAIN/CO-CAPTAIN  - The Coach must have an assigned parent captain to volunteer especially for away matches.  This parent needs to register on Tennislink and have a Captain ID so all contact information; especially phone number is visible to opposing teams.

If the Captain is not available for the match – this is not a reason to reschedule a match.  Identify a responsible adult to take the score sheet, prepare the line up, record scores, and otherwise facilitate match play.  Co-Captains are recommended.  All teams should have two parents who can help at matches, especially for the 10 and under teams.   Parents should not be assigned to the court their child is playing on.

COURTS/MATCH SCHEDULE/SCORESHEET – Book at least 2 courts for 2 hours for each match.  Check to be sure there are no conflicting dates/events with your facility, and/or identify other teams who may also have home matches scheduled; please work out any conflict with your facility and if need be swap the home/away with your opponent. If your team has a scheduled "bye", perhaps a practice or scrimmage match could be arranged for team building purposes.

4 cans of balls provided per match by home site, this is if you are using 4 courts per match  Adjust cans of balls if you use less courts.  Both Captains bring score sheets.  Coaches may provide score sheet to ensure correct line-up.  Coach can have it ready for the Captain upon arrival.


Format of Play  - No ad scoring in all divisions.

U8 ON MINI COURT – 4 singles and 2 doubles with modified scoring, red ball, racquets up to 23".  Best of 3 games; first to score 7 points wins a game; first to win 2 games wins the match.

U10 ON 60’ COURT - 4 singles and 2 doubles with modified scoring, orange ball, racquets up to 25". Best of three 4-game sets; Set tiebreak starts at 3 games all. A 7 pt. tiebreak is played to reach the 4 game win.  If teams split sets, third set is the first to win 7 points.  (Note:  Straight set score is entered as   4-2; 4-1; split set score is entered as 4-3; 2-4; 1-0)

U12 to U18  - 4 Singles and 2 Doubles, no gender. Best of three 4-game sets; A set is first to win 4 games; set tiebreaker begins at 3 games all.  The first to reach 7 points, by 2 wins set.  If teams split sets, third set is a 10-point tiebreaker and you must win by 2 points.  Example:  Straight set score is entered as   4-2; 4-1; split set score is entered as 4-3; 2-4; 1-0).  

ORDER OF PLAY - Captains should agree; if not, then singles followed by doubles.  A player may play both one singles and one doubles line per match.  Short warm-up (10 minutes max).  Begin play promptly with players who are present.  Matches can be played with 4 players without forfeiting a position.  NOTE:  If you have 3 players available…play the match, forfeit one singles and one doubles…this to avoid rescheduling issues.

  ***Begin matches with players who are present and on time.  There will be a forfeit of a position if match does not start 20 minutes after scheduled match time.  A forfeit will be scored for each match not played, when scheduled players are not present to play at their start time.  If a player leaves early and cannot play his/her assigned position, the team will forfeit that position.  If a player becomes ill before start of play, he/she can be substituted with another registered player.  If a registered player is not available, a non-registered player can play for practice, the match will go as a win to the team or player present to play.


***Coaches submit t-shirt order (quantity and size) for all players registered. 

***Establish line up for matches and coordinate your players; inform parents of schedule and know who is available for each match   Bringing refreshments to match is optional.  Assign drink or snack duty to families if parents like that option.

***Score Entry – Home Captain enters scores within 48 hours; visiting Captain confirms; report any disputed or erroneously entered scores to the Coordinator.  If a player is not listed when entering scores, contact League Coordinator first.  She will advise you on how to proceed.        

JR .TEAM TENNIS IS A FUN, POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!  THANK YOU FOR BEING A CAPTAIN OR COACH.  If we follow these guidelines, we can have a successful season.






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